Ellipticals, etc


Ok, so tomorrow, I am back on my regular schedule: school, blogging, cleaning, exercising. No ellipticals for me, just plenty of walking and squats. And drinking my water. Watch me get 4,623 zits.

I want this Helio Ocean. It should be mine. I should already have it in my hands. Want. It.

Ooh, oooh, for the parents among you, check out this Algebra Problem Solver.

Ever wanted to see inside some priceless books with your very own eyes? Go ahead then, and turn the pages.

Here birdy, birdy.

Which of us is the idiot now? Muhahahahahah

An aggregate photo, etc


This is an interesting aggregate photo, pictures shot over 20 days, and overlaid to form one image.

Someone had more time and energy than they could handle, but at least we will always know what day it is.

Hunh, need to know what’s going on with your favorite diet supplements?

Check out these black and whites, some funny, some poignant, some just beautiful.

Like ants to a picnic, here is a satellite image of Washington on inauguration day.

This site isn’t much fun at all, but it is pretty needful.

A great big fail, etc


Do you guys read the fail blog? If you do, you will surely enjoy this fail post. Not sure if they were borrowed or not. It’s hard to believe the epic levels of failness out there, though, isn’t it? And yes, that is two for the space of one. I like to be efficient!

Need some Leptovox? The ingredient list looks pretty good, lots of vitamin intense foods there.

Interesting article about Jack or Jill the Ripper. I almost did a paper on him in high school, but decided on the The Boston Strangler instead.

Build yourself a snowflake. Make sure you rotate it when you are done, because that’s when it gets neat.

Some of these are so beautiful they make me cry.

Nature Photography, etc


There are pictures and then there are pictures. And occasionally there are pictures that prove birds have eyelashes.

And then there are attorneys to answer your questions about cerebral palsy.

Did you think boy bands were new? No way! Enjoy The Temptations!

Heh, check out these coincidences.

Now, here are some very interesting animals. I can’t guarantee they are all legit, but they are all strange, LOL!

Interested in philosophy? Check out these dangerous minds. Never expected to see Socrates and Nietzsche on the same list.

When did my life get this way?

So, umm, it’s been almost a week since I posted, and I have once again been so on the fly that I have not been able to blog. When did my life attain such levels of….sheer craziness that I need Spawn supplement just to keep up with myself? Yeah, I don’t know either. Let’s move on. We’ll come back to that later, except not.

Here is a neat picture. Gotta love a fun surprise!

If you like the short story genre, it doesn’t get much shorter than these six word stories.

Another funny picture. I’m not sure how they got 5,491 snowmen in the shot, but whatever.

I love you.

Finally, a fun and easy punched paint chip craft.

An Ode to the Weather


Today’s post will be about the weather. I woke up to a grey and rainy day, and it just seemed appropriate. I would try a poem, but I am not in the mood to be rhyming stuff up today, although I can be pretty good at that when I am feeling it. So, I hope regular sentences will do ya.

I dislike really hot weather. I am good up to about 87, and then I want it to stop. In the summer when it approaches 100, the air burns my lungs, and I spend all my time inside, with the air conditioner on. We all get cross and waspish and I hate it.

I like cold weather, but only in short bursts, and when I can be out by choice and go in when I am ready. For instance, working the craft fair when the high was in the low 40s was not my idea of fun. I know I could stay out longer in north face, but I can’t stand a coat, so I just pile on sweaters, a scarf, gloves and a hat. And whine.

I like rainy weather because it makes me sleepy and I love to sleep. It’s also great reading weather, and I love to read. If I could have one dry day a week to get my errands done in, I’d be content to let it rain for the other six days. Well, for a month or so.

I like it when it’s sunny, because that means it’s warm enough to go out without bundling up so much. See cold above, LOL!

I like it when it’s dry, because I can walk where I want to walk, and I can breath easily, and so can all my kids.

Humid weather makes me grumpy because I can’t breathe and my hair gets all funky. If you ever want to find out what “ill as a hornet” really means, just walk up to a woman with bad hair who can’t breathe properly. She’ll let you know right quick!

Flash Memory, and other stuff


So, how do you like that fancy method of naming posts? Just name them after the first link, which is flash memory today. I know it’s still not very original, but it beats the “days of the week method”, right?

Check out the Weirdest Hotels. If you think the ice one at the top is cool, be sure to keep going to the prison one, LOL!

Youtube Karaoke. Seriously. Nerdiphy the soul is just about right! Funny! You can adjust the timing on these, too, if they are off.

Muhahahaha! Have you ever wanted world dominion? Here’s a site to help you generate your evil plan.

My favorite erudite concept for today: Depression is merely anger without enthusiasm. And I totally added that site to my feed reader. I took it right back out, because it only offered truncated feeds. Seriously people, do you want to be read or do you just want visitors to your site?

Cute Christmas Craft. And really, really easy! Also a truncated feed. Grrrrrrrr