Man decorates basement with $10 worth of Sharpie |


You must see this, you simply must. I’ll wait, go now.Man decorates basement with $10 worth of Sharpie.

I thought I knew what a play on words was, until I saw this one.

Umm, WHY is Obama out of money? This is crazy! Cause he’s also charging for his campaign signs! Crazier yet, people are buying them!

The stories behind some of my favorite stories.

Go write your own refrigerator magnet story.

Want the blues?



I had occasion to look at some home lighting today, and the selection is mind boggling. It’s not just a matter of “getting a lamp”. There are now lamps for every conceivable purpose. In fact, House of Troy lighting makes lamps specifically for grand pianos. Talk about your specialty item, eh?

And of course, we know that being able to see where you are putting your feet is one of the neatest things of all!

Build Static Pages


This neat thing is for your internet marketers. It’s called Static Page Builder, and it’s SEO software designed to help you do just that. According to Google’s Webmaster Tools, you should consider building static copies of dynamic pages.

Now, I am not even going to sit here and pretend I understand all of that, and as I mentioned on another blog, I am glad WP takes care of that for me. But not every site can be run on a blogging platform, and if yours is on of those, then Static Page Builder may be just the thing you need. Better search engine marketing = better sales.


Oooh, here’s another neat idea for the trip I am planning: caribbean cruises. That’ something else I have always wanted to do, but haven’t. It won’t be this trip I am planning for next fall, but perhaps the year after that. I’ve already decided I want to do a B&B next year. Unless we spend the night in a B&B right before a short cruise. Hmm, possibilities, possibilities.

Need a Job?


The holidays are coming, and you know many retail jobs will be opening. It’s a great time of year for those looking to pick up some extra cash. Of course, there’s also plenty to spend it on, LOL! Here’s a site than can help you find a sales job in your area. RetailFit focuses on exclusively on retail jobs, and you can search by retailer, state or job title. You can apply right online, including uploading your resume!



This neat site is for those of you planning birthday parties. If that’s you, be sure to check out these cool birthday invitations available from IBY. You can personalize them to say whatever you want said and they have a great collection of cards to choose from. And, yes, they have other types of cards as well.



Ok, think outside the box with me. Today’s neat thing is luggage. Do you know why luggage is neat? Becaue you can out your stuff in it and take it with you when you go somewhere. And otherwise, you;d have to buy all new stuff when you get there. And that would not be neat at all!



Nothing’s neater than letting your voice be heard, right? Especially by a major manufacturer who wants to know what actual consumers think of new products. Synovate is a major market research firm, and they are looking for new panelists. This is your chance to let companies know what you think. By filling out simple surveys (sometimes for compensation, sometimes, not), you can help shape the products of tomorrow . Not a bad deal, huh?

Necessary Neatness Philadelphia Locksmith


There are times when flexibility is warranted and there are just some things for which there is no substitute. When you need them, you need them, and nothing else will do. I mean, if you need a cold drink, you may prefer a soda, but lemonade will do. If you need shoes, you may prefer flipflops, but loafers will do. You see where I am going, right?

On the other hand, when you need a locksmith, nothing else will do. You really have to have one, preferably NOW, whether it’s a Philadelphia Locksmith or one in some other location. Well, maybe that’s not absolutely true. You could get a body man to repair the door you mangled or a glass man to replace the window you busted, but either of those will cost you more than if you just called the locksmith to begin with. The number is 1-866-768-6692

Necessary Neatness Car Insurance


Getting cheap car insurance doesn’t have to mean giving up on quality. Insurance Doctor says they believe in getting their customers the quality auto insurance they deserve at prices that are reasonable. They help residents in Virginia e and North Carolina find better rates on the same quality car insurance they were getting before. Why not fill out their quote form and see why Insurance Doctor is quickly becoming where Virginia and North Carolina get their auto insurance.

Necessary Neatness 1


Whodda thunk it? When I read budgeting software, I thought I would have an opportunity to talk about personal finance, which is an area I have come experience in, being both human and in possession of (meager) finances. Haha, joke’s on me. This is a business solution, and I have no idea how it works. Some days are like that, I guess.

Necessary Neatness 2

We all gotta write, right? man, I almost took off on a wild and crazy right/write tangent just for a giggle, but! I decided against it. It got confusing even for me, LOL! Anyway, the point is if we do not wish to prick our finger and scrawl our words in blood, writing implements are the way to go. After all, engraved pens are certainly easier to master than the stylus and clay tablet. A bit more permanent, too.

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