Every Photo Under the Sun


Okay, maybe that title is a little out there, but…….whoa! I know I said the last thing was he craziest thing I had seen in a while, but now I have seen something slightly more incredible. I seriously am not sure this one is toppable. Check out the never ending photo. You do have to have shockwave to use it, but. whoa. Seriously. Just, whoa! Forget the drink, order a meal delivered.

How in the world did they find all those pics? I think if it were possible to record mortgage life insurance on a memory card, it would be somewhere in that…….picture.

Never Ending Photo Frame

This is the craziest thing I have seen in a while. I really wish I could stop it and study it a while, just to see how it’s done. But I can’t, so check out this never ending photo frame. It brings a whole new meaning to the concept of digital frame. Oh, I hope you remember to get a drink before you click. You’ll be stuck at the computer awhile.



Let your artist out at Artpad. This digital canvas is lots of fun, and much cheaper than buying new canvases at teh art store. Clean up is a snap, too. And, even if you have just a few minutes to spend, you can still paint. You may find your palette slightly limited, but I think the fun factor totally makes up for that.

Hand Art


Here are an assortment of absolutely stunning pictures, all drawn on hands. It won;t take you long to look at them, but it could take quite a bit longer to actually see them. Go check out these Incredible Hand Paintings.

Park West Gallery


im154037.jpgIsn’t this beautiful? It’s called Rhapsody Love, and it’s by Csaba Markus. I found it on the front page of Park West Gallery. Park West holds art auctions, but they also have ever-changing exhibits in their 23 gallery facility. Each gallery is devoted to a particular style or artist, and every month they have a new exhibition and sale, and at least 1000 new works are displayed. They are located in Southfield, Michigan with affiliates in Miami, Florida.

The most amazing thing to me, is that they handle over 6000 pieces of art a week. That i an incredible amount of passion and beauty and heart to hold in your hands. 6000 pieces of someone’s soul. That’s a staggering concept.



These are tons of fun, and if you enjoyed the other oragami sites I posted, you will like this one too! There are detailed instructions for all the pieces, so you can join the fun! Cecilia Cotton-Origami is probably not best suited for beginners, but it’s definitely worth a look-see anyway.

Virtual Dali


This is the internet home of the artist Salvadore Dali. The work is divided by years. In addition to the art, you’ll also find lots of photos as well as a decent biography there, as well as download-able wallpapers. VitualDali is a neat resource for those studying the artist, and if seeing it on the computer is not enough, you can also buy prints.

Global Gallery


There are some fabulous prints here at Global Gallery. As usual, owning costs, but looking is free. Still, the prices are reasonable–you can pick up a Rockwell print stating at $20. There are others prints for even less, and you could pick up a few to do a nice themed room in say, Mickey Mouse.



This is a marvelous site devoted to paintings. There are currently 173 Matisse, 221 O’keefe, 498 Degas and 629 Picasso, with bios, quotes, etc., and the site owner says more are coming. Artst is a great resource already, but I’m interested to see what is added.

Put on some classical music, get a glass of wine, and take your own private tour of the gallery.

Japan Print Gallery


This site specializes in Japanese Woodblock Prints (Ukiyo-e) from the 18th to 20th century. The prints are just beautiful. Looking through the gallery is a wonderful introduction to this traditional art form, and the work is incredibly intricate and detailed. The colors are especially vibrant for such old pieces. As usual, the prints are for sale, but looking is free!

Paper Cut


This is another stunning site of visual arts. I cannot find the artist’s name, though I assume it must be Peter from the URL. Nor does he describe his tools, beyond stating that he uses plain A4 paper. It is hard to believe the amount of detail he has achieved, nor the patience which must be required to work in so fragile a medium. I think my favorite piece is All in All, but it’s a hard choice. Paper Cut is guaranteed to leave you slack-jawed.

Seamless Pictures


First go get coffee. Then come back and click. These are fantabulous pics, by the artist Rob Gonsalves. Seamless pictures will amaze your eyes and confound your mind. I’d link you to my favorite, but I can’t choose. Enjoy!

Hat tip: the amazing Skeet

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