It’s Thursday


I know that’s shocking. Hopefully not as shocking as waking up to discover an acneoutbreak, but still. The day after Wednesday, and it’s Thursday. yeah. Bowl me over. Yeah, ok, I told you: it’s hard to come up with titles!

Wow. Just wow. I never knew there was such a thing. Morning Glory Pool.

Or this: Devil’s Swimming Hole.

Have a look at the Roaring 20’s. In fact, have several, using the menu on the left.

How to take great portraits.

Find words that rhyme. I almost resisted the urge to start a poem about how noisy my children are.

Whatcha doing?


I’m surfing, as usual. I’m finding gold chains, but I’ve managed to lose my pearls. How crazy is that? I only wore them one time!

Ooh, do you remember 78’s?

10 words not to use when you write. Guilty. Guilty. Guilty. Guilty. Guilty. Guilty. Guilty. Guilty. Guilty. Guilty. Guilty. Guilty. Might as well quit now.

Find flights on regional airlines.

A photo. Very compelling.

Second time I have stumbled onto this quote in 2 days. Attributed to someone else this time. I’m beginning to wonder if it;s a message to me personally.

More fun stuff


Feel like shopping? Check out this handcrafted jewelry. I recently started making some bead necklaces and such, but this gal really has it going on.

How to buy bread. Believe it or not, my mama taught me this long before the internets came along.

Be careful how you play Scrabble.

Some more cool pictures. I like pictures. Can you tell?

Why did this make me nod my head in agreement?

How to find the how to for doctoring your pictures.

Rainy Afternoon Things

No need for golf bags today, it’s way to dreary. It was a nice afternoon for napping and surfing, though. Wanna see what I found?

A few optical illusions.

A chance to show off your geography skills.

Recipes for fun stuff like finger paint and play dough.

The BBC Ancient History site.

Some photos, some surreal, some intense, some just pretty, all retouched.

Break Time!


It’s always break time here at Six Neat Things, right? Cause even mortgage lenders become dull if it’s all work and no play, right?

Here’s a neat photo of skycrapers and cloud formations.

More soup recipes than you can shake a stick spoon at.

How to make a very small but very cute book.

More than even I wanted to know about Shakespeare.

Sometimes a photograph isn’t quite an accurate reflection of reality.



Good Monday Morning. How are you today? Let’s go exploring:

First: best diet pills
Second: chocolate recipes. Best combined with the first link, right?
Third: Perspective is everything, I guess.
Fourth: Hard to believe these are edible cakes. Amazing work!
Fifth: words from Aldous Huxley.
Sixth: Knit your own spaghetti monster.

It’s Sunday


You know how hard it is to come up with titles for these posts? I mean, it’s not like a pick one thing and talk about only that. I’m all over the board almost every time I post. From fitness equipment to Rice Field Art, I’m never quite sure what’s coming until I’m done.

Concise definition of technology. At least from my perspective.

Jim Webb writes some steamy stuff, ya’ll. And be careful where you get your bananas.

At the risk of becoming too political, is a twitter account a real deciding factor in the presidential election? And is any one foolish enough to believe Obama tweets for himself?

Finally, bread kills.

Forgot the title


You know what I would like to do tomorrow? Spend the afternoon in one of these hammock chairs.

I want to spend a while reading the Bible. Here’s a daily Bible reading plan for that, but I will most likely read Job 2.

Umm, and that’s all you get for this post. StumbleUpon, my ace in the hole for this blog just barfed all over itself.

The Hunted, Home from the hills

Is it just me, or does the earth now spin faster, so that days are only 23 hours long? yeah, i thogh so. Bet they are even shorter next year. While the earth was adjusting itself, I;ve found a few goodies for you.

First, logo pens. And please get good ones. Don’t skimp. Because when your pen starts skipping on me, I’ll start skipping you.

Next, art imitates life, if you consider legos art. And after seeing this page, I am thinking I do.

Weirdest adoption ever. Seriously.

Hidden pictures. Ok, not really. Just great camouflage.

Snort. Guffaw. THE phone for today. Tech meets telemarketing.

More about technical cooking that I ever need to know, but you science types will dig it. Geeks have their own language, even in the kitchen. Scooter, this one is for you!