Writer’s block?


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I found this website today, literally stumbled across it, and thought it was pretty interesting. I also finally added a posting book marklet to my bookmark bar for this blog. Yay! I know longer have to actually remember stuff to put here, LOL! I can talk about writer’s block cures or cables with just a couple clicks of the mouse. Muhahahahahahah

Three Neat Things in Vegas


Here are three things I really enjoyed seeing in Vegas:

The fountains at the Bellagio. Fabulously incredible.

Marilyn as Lady Liberty. Or is it Lady Liberty meets Seven Year Itch? Either way, it’s way cool. Seriously, really enjoyed this one.

Hofbrauhaus, because: Real German Food. Right here in YooSa. Delish!

My advice for Vegas? Search on “cheap hotel Las Vegas” before you go. Use your money on funner stuff than sleeping.

Consumer Reports Cass Style

Here are three things that cost more than the piece of real estate on which I am sitting:

A souped up 2008 Corvette Z06. I’ll take mine in RED, please. Yeah, I know you thought I’d say pink. Fooled ya.

This glittery 30.5 carat diamond necklace. Not a typo.

The Natural royal crown Russian sable coat , rawr!

Given the option, I’d probably opt to keep the house 😉

Three things I could never wear in public


Great big clown shoes, because I would trip and fall, and that would not be pretty at all. Just trust me on this.

Plaid and polka dots together, though I enjoy torturing my children by threatening to do so. Wouldn’t you?

Fancy bustiers, because the really cool ones require closed doors and then it’s not public anymore, is it?

Three Internet MustHaves

If you are reading this, you have a computer. That’s one. And you also have an internet connection. That’s two. Very basic, very necessary, can’t surf without ’em type things. Let’s add just one more thing to make the web much more fun for everyone. Install a popup blocker, and get rid of 37.59 percent of your internet aggravation.

Three Money Savers

You can turn down the thermostat, but I think we decided earlier today that this was not the best option. You could give up one meal a day, but that’s not much fun either. Or you can use coupons, and save money while you spend it. that makes way more sense to me than being cold and hungry, right? You can use these Sports Authority coupons to get you started on your new savings plan.

A working furnace


Today’s neat thing: a working furnace. I am freezing to death, even with mine running, and I cannot imagine the misery of not having one! And by working furnace, I mean central heating. Because when you are really cold, all the rice in China, all the gold chains in Solomon’s Mines won’t help you be warm. Unless you burn it. And if I am cold enough, I just might. Good thing we get to heat more efficiantly with electricity and oil.

Cargo Holder


Okay, I have poured all over this truck accessories site, and the neatest thing I found was a basket that you attach to the trailer hitch of your truck. It holds up to 500 pounds, and folds up when you aren’t using it. I don’t have a truck or a trailer myself, so I don’t know if you can use it while you aren’t hauling anything, and I also don’t understand how you can possibly need it if you are driving a pick-up. Of course, I guess all spaces fill up eventually, huh?

I get it


I did it to myself, I know. I did not exercise proper talent management. I got greedy and I got lazy, and I spread myself too thin, and now I am dealing with the consequences. That doesn’t mean that it didn’t hurt to find out no one EVER comes here. It does mean that I need to decide what I am going to do about it.

Helpful Lawyer Site


Ok, like most of you, I am pretty cynical when it comes to lawyers and medical malpractice suits. It really chaps me that there are actual living breathing semi-humans who make a highly desirable living suing some people over other people’s suffering. Sometimes, bad stuff happens, and it’s nobody’s fault. It’s just life, the way life is, with all it’s vagaries and uncertainties.

So, it is with particular delight that I get to link to this site on mesothelioma. No, I am not being sarcastic. While it is run by lawyers, there are actual pages of information there on causes and treatments, links to more resources, and even information for non-traditional treatments. Yeah, I’m shocked, too. I’ll get over it, I suppose.


Yep, spawned directly from my previous post on books, let’s talk about shelves. I have several sets of book shelves in my home, and I want to let you know that book shelves do not have to come from furniture stores. Now, I think everyone ought to have at least one nice set of bookshelves to hold truly special books and a couple of phots and such as this, but if, like me, your books number in the thousands, you eventually have a decision to make: a nice set of shelves or more books, and if you are as passionate as I am about books, that is likely to be your choice.

My best bookcase tip? Dollar General and Family Dollar sell a set of three shelves with round black supports for 15 or 20 bucks. Get two or three of them and stack them together to make a sets 4 or 5 shelves high. (Bonus: use the leftover shelves to add storage space in your pantry.)


I am having a hard time getting back in to the swing of things here on Six Neat Things. I had my Grandmother’s death, and then Christmas, and then a significant household rearrangement to create a library, and I have just fallen off the wagon. In truth, it takes a lot of effort to talk about stuff like modern office furniture in a three pronged post, and sometimes, I just can’t do it.

The sad thing is that this used to be one of my favorite blogs, and I am more and more having trouble with it. It is the poorest performing blog I have, but I just cannot let go of it. I keep thinking I have it handled, and I keep getting sucker punched, but I will have this blog, and it will be good. Eventually.

So, back to the tittle of this post: BOOKS. This post’s three things are history BOOKS, science BOOKS and poetry BOOKS all neatly shelved in my library beside all my other BOOKS. I just need one more bookcase, and I can get this gargantuan stack off my desk.

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