See, energy!


You know whats neat? I don’t know this from personal experience, but I hear that nutritional supplements give you energy, and that’s neat. It’s particularly neat, because I’m tired, and I still have lots to do. I know from personal experience that coffee and chocolate are energizing, and they taste better. I also have them right here in the house with me. Hmmm.

Of course, one might also argue on the side of adequate sleep for energizing one.

This post brought to you by the number 24 (hours in my day) and the letter t, o and o (much to do).

Truck Bed Liners

I just wrote a post about pick up trucks and cotton over on Native North Carolinian. A truck bedlineris a neat thing for a farmer because it helps protect the farmer’s investment in his trucks. My post is neat because it includes a couple of awesome pictures, and rather than repeat myself, I am just going to send you there to read it. I’m sneaky that way. You love me anyway, right? Speaking of bedliners, they aren’t just for farmers. They are great for anyone who hauls stuff in their truck, or anyone whose truck gets wet or…anyone with a truck who wants to keep the bed looking nice.



Now, those of you who know me are probably sitting there asking yourself if I have been smokin’ crack, but stay with me. I just priced Hannah Montana tickets and they start at $120. Start, ya’ll! And tv? Well, tv = Hannah Montana for free! Or at least for the price of basic cable. Here, that means all my kids can see Hannah for a year for the cost of one ticket.



Have I mentioned shopping as a neat thing? I can’t remember, but it’s the time of year to mention it again, at any rate. So at the risk of sounding like Santa, don’t forget that you can buy anything from a D&G watch to mac and cheese, and never leave home. And if you are really slick, you can get it all shipped free to boot!

Jigsaw Puzzles


Continuing our “fun for the family” theme, – – – oh did you not realize we had a theme? Me either, until I started to write this, and then looked at what I had said yesterday – – – today’s neat thing is jigsaw puzzles. You can get them suitable for all ages, and it’s something the whole family can work on while you *gasp* talk to each other. I have one on my dining room table right now, but they are at home on cheap card tables and expensive poker tables as well. And they are fairly cheap for the amount of entertainment they provide.

Big Cats


Amazing. Incredible. Beautiful. Stunning. Captivating. Compelling. All of these words apply to this page of photographs. Go check out Big Cats, and I am sure you will agree. Then check out the rest of the site, there is plenty to see!

RC Planes


Here is another neat thing for the young or young at heart: RC airplanes. These kits would make awesome gifts, and Christmas is indeed coming, and quicker than you think! The joy of building would last quite a while and then the flying would last practically forever. Like a kite, only better, cause you don’t have to rely on a breeze.

For Weather Geeks


Here is a cool site for those of you who are into weather. This page details 10 rare cloud formations with photos and info on how they are formed and where to find them. Click the photos to make them pop up bigger in a new window.

I guess the non-weather geeks will just have to come back tomorrow. Sorry.



Here’s a neat thing for those of you with kids. It’s also pretty nifty for those of you who are maybe just young at heart. Kids games are fairly inexpensive, and teach skills like color recognition (for the younger set). Check out the Mahjong, with letters for little people and classic porcelain for those who already know their alphabet! Here’s hoping that’s you, LOL!


You get two pages today, because the original page links out to a related neat page, and how can you separate that? Aw, heck, lets call it a threefer instead. First, read about the Gypsy Horses, and see the wonderful pictures. Then find out about Black Forest Shires and then, read more about them at wikipedia.

P.S. Love me some wikipedia, ya’ll!



I had occasion to look at some home lighting today, and the selection is mind boggling. It’s not just a matter of “getting a lamp”. There are now lamps for every conceivable purpose. In fact, House of Troy lighting makes lamps specifically for grand pianos. Talk about your specialty item, eh?

And of course, we know that being able to see where you are putting your feet is one of the neatest things of all!

Online Surveys


I know several of you like to run surveys on your blogs (yes, I read your blogs), and thought you might like this online survey software. I admit that I haven’t spent time playing with it, but there’s a 30 day free trial, and you can copy and paste to it directly from Word. They also have some sample surveys you can use, or you can use a wizard to build yours from scratch. You can even add logos and images, which makes it great fro bloggers. Have fun!

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