Three Hot Investments


But I am only linking one, because you can find them all at the same place. See, one stop investment shopping :)

First up, gold coin, because it’s highly portable, and also shiny (I like shiny). The American Eagle gold coins are especially beautiful, I think. Looking at those, it’s easy to see why gold has been so highly desired throughout the ages. From the artistic delights of Ancient Egypt to the coinage of Ancient Rome, gold has been both treasure and tool. And because supplies are naturally limited, the value has consistently risen.

Also available through Monex: silver and platinum.



Have I mentioned Paypal? Surely I have, but I am going to mention it again anyway, because I have pretty much decided to use if for all the bills I possibly can. I am tired the fees on traditional checking accounts and I am not quite sure yet what I think of online accounts. Although, really, that’s dumb, considering I am now planning to use Paypal like a bank account. Umm, ok, maybe I need to rethink my position on online banks, but regardless, Paypal is a neat thing.

Vending Machines


So, maybe you read that title, and you are thinking “what’s so neat about that?” Well, if you are hungry, and there are little snack filled boxes of cruchy yummy goodness sitting nearby, you can get something to eat for just a quarter or two. Happy mouth= neat, right? What if you are feeling a little silly? A quarter will buy you one of those little bouncy balls, so you can chase it. What if your 6 year old challenges you to a bubble blowing contest? See, vending machines are neat!!

You know what’s neater than buying things from vending machines? being the person selling things in vending machines, LOL! It’s an all cash business, and it’s easy-peasy. Check them out at vendstar.

Memory Walk


Okay, what good is a blog if you do a bit of shameless self promotion? Of course, it;s even better if you can also plug a great cause at the same time. On the 13th of October I am walking in the The Alzheimer’s Association Memory Walk. I’m also organizing it, and acting as a team captain. You already know what’s coming next, right?

Just go ahead, click the banner and get it over with.

I don’t want enough to finance the latest in gold jewelry; just a few bucks will make me happy.

Web Conferencing


This neat thing will last a bit longer than some of the other neat things I tell you about. Ok, longer than most of the neat things I tell you about. Such is the nature of the blogging beast: I get to blog as long as I want about anything I want, and you get to read it. Or not. And therein really lies the crux of the matter, doesn’t it? But, now I have rambled and I really need to get to the subject at hand which is web conferencing.

What a fantastic way to relay information. I tell you, I have been on the internet for about 10 years. It was my husband who first pushed me to check it out, and I resisted, but the longer I am on it, the more I realize it’s potential for education, information exchange and entertainment. If more businesses could harness the potential of the internet, from web seminars that teach consumers about their products to web conferences where regional reps make plans for meeting goals……..

I mean—-there was a lot of hype over the iPhone recently. But, here’s the deal—-I still don’t know how to use a cell phone. The iPhone is a cool gadget, but way beyond my expertise. What if Apple made a webinar about the iPhone, that taught me all about it, in an in-depth way? And what if it was indexed, so I could fast forward to the parts I was most interested in? And what if they took that opportunity to show me that I just couldn’t live without one? This is the kind of potential I am talking about. Cheap. Effective. Useful.

If I could just show you the picture in my head…



“Make new friends, but keep the old,
One is silver and the other gold.”

If you were a girl scout, or your daughter is a girl scout, you probably recognize those words. That’s because the making and keeping of friends is as important to your personal happiness as the acquiring of good investments is to your financial happiness. In fact, I’d go so far as to say friends are an investment in your future. Just like gold and silver are buried and hard to find, so are good friends. And just like metal is purified by heat, so the heat and pressures of life reveal the true nature of people.

There is one difference though. You can purchase silver as an investment, but no one worth their salt can actually be bought.



If you’re a student and looking to get some practical experience beyond the classroom, then you should check out the part-time jobs on By getting a part-time job in the area you’re interested in, you can learn skills and lessons that homework assignments and textbooks won’t teach you. Plus, part-time jobs make great student jobs because of the flexible hours they provide. And we almost forgot to mention the best thing about getting a job – extra cash in your pocket.

Furniture Store


Saving money ranks right up there on the list of life’s major neatnesses, doesn’t it? And since home furnishings are big ticket items, that makes discount furniture stores high on the list as well. The fact that Boyles happens to be located near me only adds to it’s charm. Ya’ll enjoy, and if you shop in person, do drop by!



Here’s an opportunity to be your own boss! Do you know who owns those machines we buy snacks from? People do. Regular folks like me and you! They buy snacks at wholesale, load the machines, and sell at retail. Vendstar is one of the leading manufacturers of such machines, and they make a wide variety of machines, so that you can use them to sell anything from one inch gumballs to whole sandwiches. The work is fairly east, and the US Department of Labor estimates the hourly wage of vending machine operators at over $70! That’s a nice bit of change, isn’t it?

Debt Information


If you are thinking about bad credit debt consolidation, this site will be of interest to you. You’ll find the usual ads and loan offers, but you’ll also find helpful articles on avoiding a debt crisis in the first place, and some on what to do if you find yourself already in a dilemma. I firmly believe forewarned is forearmed, and I think anybody who is even thinking about using credit ought to educate themselves about it’s pitfalls before they wind up in a mess. Getting into debt is quite easy, but this site offers you information that could help you to get out of debt, and that’s a wee bit harder to do.

Necessary Neatness Credit Card

Trying to find a decent credit card can be a pain in the rear and this neat thing can help solve that problem. It’s a credit card search engine, and it will allow you to search for, compare, and apply for credit cards with different perks (frequent flyer miles, low interest rates, etc) or for different situation (bad credit, secured, etc). The results contain US based companies whose names you will recognize, and brands you are familiar with. Whether you are in a credit bind, or just want a specific feature, this search engine can help. I think I want with one with a pink camouflage design, and a very high limit, LOL!



Today’s neat thing is mostly for students on summer break. At SnagAJob you’ll find a variety of summer jobs to choose from, whether you prefer to work for a small local employer or a larger national one. Search by zip code right from the front page, or click through to use more search options. It’s job search made easy!

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