So, I mentioned that my house has reached a point of crisis, right? And it must be cleaned, yes? I’m working on it every day. Today, it’s the vanity that I plan to tackle. It’s cluttered and messy and I have to move stuff to get to what I need. Not happy with that at all. I will put on some music, and work on it for an hour or until it is done. Too bad I don’t have blackstar amplifiers at Guitar Center to pump my sounds through.



So, you know, I have been going to sleep to Songza. Oh you didn’t know. Well, yeah I have. I like that it lets me pick and activity or mood and then presents playlists to choose from. Last night, it was classical. Cello, bassoon, violin, flute, all those wonderful instruments. I drifted off in a snap. So what’s your go-to sleepy time playlist?

Whatcha doin?


What are you up too this summer? How about you buy padron cigars and enjoy them with a bit of scotch on the rocks? Like, on a beach somewhere. prefereably. Me, I am cleaning and writing, because, apparently, I am taking the summer off school whether I want to or not.

I’m under a bit of financial pressure over it, but well=pleased with what I am getting accomplished.