Easter baskets and other stuff


Easter will be here before you know it, and these personalized Easter basket for children sure are pretty!

Art demands supplies, right? Here are some you wouldn’t necessarily think of.

He’s just so stinking cute!!

Really, I thought I’d read everything, but…how did they even talk about this in court? Because, you know, surely some had to snicker in the gallery, and then it woulda been OH-VER.

Need more veggies in your diet? Check out these tips!

And some recipes for your Super Bowl party, probably not high in veggies.

Social Security Benefits and other stuff

Is it getting close to retirement time? social security benefits

These are stunning: shadow art. One more example of an endeavor that makes me wonder how they even thought of that!

Because love is the most important thing we have.

Some info on Jefferson and the Declaration of Independence. Worth a read.

Oh. This made my heart beat in recognition.

And this is amazingly fun and amusing.

Kitchen Utensils and other stuff

I’m thinking that by the time you finish reading this post, you will be in the market for some new kitchen utensils.

Amazing food porn here. And each picture links to a recipe.

Stellar dessert idea: chocolate cupcakes with flaming strawberries. Yeah, I’m on it. For grown ups, of course.

I seriously laughed out loud. Yes, it’s still food related!

Recipes from Hershey’s.

Yumm! Recipes with step by step pictures, so you know what it’s supposed to look like!

Steel drums and other stuff


I could totally use one of these steel drums as a time capsule for my huge family, right?

Books to read when you are not looking for a rose colored glasses world view: dystopia.

A very lovely image: ballet dancer.

Secret detention centers? Doesn’t seem so secret to me!

A printer. Boring, right? But made of legos? Not so boring!

I want this shirt!! Suess Army Knife.

Eczema.com and other stuff

Patches of dry, flaky skin got you down? Find a solution at www.eczema.com.

A little light reading. You don’t even have to flip the pages, they flip themselves!

Some words to live by. I especially like the first one.

A foxy little thing to start your day off right!

Aww! Which is cuter? You decide.

This could be useful in case you get into too much trouble. And get caught at it.

Weight Loss Success Stories and other stuff


Need a little encouragement? Read these weight loss success stories!

This is just an awesome picture. The dew drops look like diamonds.

Visual irony at it’s finest.

What Groucho really said. Or at least 10 things he said.

I know some really small people!

Internet sluggish as syrup? Try this speed test, which probably only works if you live in the east AND have Time Warner, but it works for me because I do both.

And I think we shall call this a wrap!

Diet Pills and other stuff

Too much holiday fun? Get yer diet pills here!

This is just a beautiful poem. I want to live in such a way that people would think of me when they see lovely things.

I declare, I think he’s smiling. She? He, I think.

Curiosity called the cat. But that’s not a cat. I’m not actually sure what it is except cute.

Just when I thought I was entering the safe zone, I find out it may not be true. That’s ok, they can flaunt their pregnancies, I’ll continue to endure my hot flashes.

Finally, rare photos of the rich and famous.

Discount Laptop Computers and other stuff


If, like me, you have recently starte school, you may be interested in these discount laptop computers. Cool, huh?

This guy sure is angry. Of course, I’d take him more seriously if I hadn’t spotted a grammatical error amid the cursing and ranting. Always rave correctly, folks. Always.

Oooh, up for a little scientific adventure?

Well, this is an interesting certificate.

The Pioneer Woman never lets me down when it comes to recipes.

In a hurrieder hurry much?

iPhone Accessories and other stuff

Bored? Wanna jazz up your phone? Check out these Iphone accessories!

I bookmarked this page, because I want to be a better writer. D’uh!

Continuing the literary theme, how would you like to listen to some short stories? These are very short, less than 2,000 words, and did I mention they are audio?

I want to read Alice I Have Been.

Best article on singleness I have read lately.

Yeah, I need new eyes now!