Saturday Quickie


As you know, Christmas is on the way. I can say that because Christmas is always on the way, but whatever. Today, I found this website, where you can order personalized gifts. And they are having a bit of a sale. They call themselves Personal Creations, and they do birthdays, weddings, new baby and other giftie occasion. And these days, every occasion is a giftie one, isn’t it? Enjoy!



SO, how do you guys listen to your computer? Earbuds or portable speakers? I sometimes need to watch videos for class, and they get a little hard to hear with the kids playing in the same room.

Oh, this right here is enough to make a knitter drool!

Oh, this is a neat way to make a painting. Go ahead and click, you have 3 extra minutes!

Absolutely love this. I should frame it and put it over my desk.

And considering I ate up three minutes of your life with a video, I reckon that’s enough for today!

Something a little different


So, here’s a little bit of what I have been up to since last we met:

Camping, but I need to look into motorhome repair or at least a trailer to haul all the gear.

Fishing, for which I will soon also need to look for a trailer, or at least a roof rack for the minivan.

Playing with My Awesome Boyfriend, which I found here.

Pulling down A’s at UNCW.

Reading lots of books. No link because they came from the library and the internet and the nook and friends. I get books from everywhere.

That’s all, folks!