Murder, mayhem or mudane stuff


umm, oops. They needed more hot lingerie and less fighting, apparently.

Oh, this is just stunning, and a much better way for couples to behave.

Or maybe they could spend time learning how to make a thing in a jar.

Or, they could spend a few interesting minutes (like six) watching slow motion things.

Or traveling through the cartoon earth. Scroll down on this one, and go very slowly to take it all in, and see what’s underneath it all.

Or by watching some guy’s hair grow, any way they want it to grow.

Wednesday WooHoos


Hemphead, busted by mom. Snicker, snicker.

My new motto.

Oh, too funny for words. Also, very cute. And furry. And squash nosed. Just click it.

A cool place for theater seating.

If you don’t think the whole world knows about Darth Vader, click, click, again.

Interesting statistical clock time thingy. Not dry and boring. Seriously.

Woohoo! Monday!


I think this word joke page is hilariously funny. Perhaps you need to be a linguist to enjoy it, perhaps not. You decide.

77 pecent of people say they wash their hands after using a public restroom. I wonder how many of them use paper towels to turn off the bathroom faucets.

Catch the Moment. Catch the Moment 2. Yeah, it was worth listing them separately.

Words fail me. All I can do is snicker.

And today, I think life is, in general, marked with signs like this. Big tall warnings about nothing, while the important stuff is hidden from view.

Thursday Finds


Are you ready to climb on the internet treadmill? Yeah, me too. Let’s go!

A splash of color, neat digital picture. Very…. colorful. Haha.

Who says art and food don’t mix? Looks like it slices and dices pretty well to me! Yes, that’s Cyrillic, but don’t worry, the pictures are in English. Also, yes, I slay myself.

Whoa! A frozen wave or several.

Should you ever get tired of surfing, you do know where to find the end of the internet, right? Or maybe you just want to turn the whole internet off for awhile.

Amusements for Wednesday


For old gals like me: a magnifying glass conveniently attached to a floor lamp. I need three of ’em.

Hmm, this is entertaining. It’s an octopus. Sorta. And it’s like watching someone color one of those fuzzy posters. Sorta. Sorta fuzzy poster-ish octopus.

Seasonal Food Chart. This one happens to be for Ontario, but I sure would like to see one for my area. It would make eating local a lot easier.

A pictorial dictionary type thing of mythology. Many pieces of classic art are shown.

Ok, not so classic art. In fact, it’s a cartoon: not selling sex.

And for the musically inclined: The 100 Greatest Reggae Songs

Ok, three


Say, it’s tax day. Anybody looking into savings accounts for their huge refund? Me either. Spent mine on bills. Yay.

Oooh, some really neat marketing ideas. No. Pictures. Ideas come to fruition.

Haha. Remember Calvin and Hobbes? Read some great thoughts from Calvin’s dad.

Grimm’s Fairy Tales, closer to the originals than the versions you may have read before. Not for the faint at heart.

Anybody else think Brad Pitt is beginning to look a bit like Robert Redford?

Neat statue. Can you call running horses a statue? Would they be statues? Can you name it at all using traditional words for art? Art being untraditional by definition, of course.

Woohoo, Twofer

Can you believe it? Of course, that’s par for the course here, long periods of silence punctuated by blizzards of neat links. Such is my life.

Ok, first up, a good deal on some hot games.

A picture of two tigers. The neat thing about this one is that the one looks cross eyed. Yeah. Told ya!

Hahaha. Hillary continues to smear Obama who is smearing Hillary. Yay, poli-ticks (many biting, blood sucking insects).

Bible geneology
. The site isn’t very intuitive as far as usability, but there is some good info here, if you can remember to keep clicking through.

A very comples essay on Starbucks, mermaids and Jesus. Nope, I don’t understand it, but it’s late and I am tired. This time, I’m just reporting what I found.

ooh, check out the Montreal Reggae Festival.

Not So Drunken Ramblings

You know, I stumble across some pretty amazing things while I am looking for stuff to show you. I mean, I show you good stuff, but there is also stuff I just can’t figure out how to explain. Like the guy in alcohol rehab who can’t quite tell you how he ended up there. Anyway. Believe it or not, sometimes I just lack words.

On to the rest of today’s sites, though.

, where you can create and answer polls. After all, we all have opinions, right?

Burning water? Incredible!

Hahahah! Get your ears checked!

Got the go bug? How to See the World on the cheap!

And a few amazing pictures to round out the post.

Some stuff


Ans interesting clock, based on the principle of the sundial: Bulbdial Clock.

Like the radio? Mike’s Radio World is your gateway to over 5,000 streaming stations from all over the world.

Hahahhahah, this one is priceless!! Some Useful Condescending Phrases

DarkCopy, a whistle free text editor.

Ohhh, a lyrics directory.

And finally, a purveyor of gold chains.

Assorted Stuff for 4/02/08


Here is the trailer for a movie I want to see: The Life Before Her Eyes

An interesting collection of philosophy games, standard get coffee warning applies.

Ever wonder what kinds of pictures the world finds noteworthy? Then lay back on your foam mattress and watch flickrvision for a while. This might become one of those sites I wish I had never discovered! And if you hover, the pictures will get big.

Hmmm, a bulletproof hoodie?

Insults from the Bard, complete with citations.

A most intriguing photo. Look carefully at the tree in the foreground. It looks to me like faces trying to get out.