Here’s a question. In this day of mobile technology, do most of us still sit at a desk to surf, or do we get cozily ensconced in our home theater furniture? Regardless of where you are sitting, it’s time to see some neat things.

ohmyword! Making a cut-out step by step.

Hahaha–a different version of happy hour.

Moodstream–images and footage compiled to your parameters, with audio.

Video of weird cornstarch stuff, but…..she walks on it. Just watch.

Hahahaha. Only not so much. Not really a joke.

Get Away Time

Time to get a way for a few minutes, and you knwo I am not talking about cruise deals. I’m talking about venturing around the internet, seeing what we can see.

Mail revenge. Muhahahaha

A photoblog, starting with a ballerina.

Need a new lampshade? Try try folding your own from paper!

Peanut Butter Filled Chocolate Cookies
. And they’re vegan. I bet that translates to “low in saturated fat”. Which would also translate to “Cass, you can eat me.” Which is precisely the opposite of what the chocolate peanut butter cups in my refrigerator say.

Box turtle comma tiny. No, really tiny. Really, really tiny.

Rough Nine Days


Man, has life ever been spinning out of control! I am almost certain I heard plates breaking the other night while I was trying to keep them all juggled. I was too busy to stop and look back to confirm it though. I can totally assure you, the universe is indeed descending toward chaos. Those who are convinced that evolution is truth must not have noticed that the natural order of things is toward death and breakage. The best we can do about that is buy a good warranty and look into term life insurance, because there is just no getting around it.

Ok, let’s get off the depressing and move on to the neat:

Terry Pratchett says ….

Oh snap! You will never be bored at work again!

Dang. Just sit back and enjoy the slide show at Joy of Baking.

The Blame Game is for losers.

Spill your secrets.

Monday Morning Madness


Here are some cool castles. Well, pictures of castles, along with some history on each one. Just enough to tempt you!

A natural acne treatment, because sometimes, life happens, and life is stressful, and stress means zits.

The Zeppelin bend, a knot I’ve never seen before.

A little birding in real life. This guy installed a web cam on a finch nest. This page tells the story.

Happiness is handmade at Etsy.

Alexey Tatarenko photography. Just click and watch the slide show. Then click on “portfolio” for more.

Welcome back!


You guys don’t know it, but I’ve been MIA. First I sent my laptop pff tp be repaired, which didn’t happen, it’s still broke, and then my internet connection fizzled out, and my service provider failed to overnight the new modem like they promised, and then I got new cable internet, and then I went camping. But here I am, FINALLY, ready to do some work and find some cool neat sites to share with you! Hopefully, they will all make more sense than this page: Orovo detox. Because, let’s face it: it’s darn hard to be a fountain of wit when the link is a landing page. The best I can do with that is acerbic. And I think I’ve got that handled. 404 indeed.



Whatcha doing? Gazing at yer navel? Cleaning between yer toes? Checking out yer medicare insurance? Well, let’s find something neat to look at instead, k? k!

How about mail. Everyone likes mail, right? Especially on these mailboxes. From women to fish, there are really cool boxes here, just waiting to be stuffed with mail. Wait a minute, that sounds so wrong. Good thing you are reading, not listening. And check out these weird mailboxes anyway.

here’s some good advice from a dog named Roo.

Ooh, how to make hand made soap. Like from scratch, not melt and pour.

ROFL! How to sex flies.

Ladybugs. 2 of them, on a grass blade, covered in dew. Click it.

Once more, from the top


ok, you know what happens when the poop hits the fan. But what about when the fan hits the pooch?

How about an interactive Table of Elements? This does not match my memory of high school chemistry. This is much better.

Cool street art. As in, 3-D and right on the street.

Whoa! Volcano and thunderstorm combine to make an awesome photo opp.

Cruel and unusual punishment, also known as Brownie Peanut Butter Cups.

No wonder she’s a living legend. Just click, you’ll know instantly who it is.

And a few more?

You aren’t all tied up reading over Los Angeles resumes, are you? Nope, didn’t think so!

Here is a fun idea, which led to some fun pictures taken by strangers.

Oooh! Check out this radio site. You can make your own stations!

Ever wonder what the Dalai Llama thinks? Here are his 18 rules for living. Pretty smart, for the most part. Add God to the picture, and you could have a pretty solid standing here.

Ever wanted to get away from it all? Here’s how to buy your own private island.

Need a map? World Maps: Maps collection of all over the world. Including world flags, city maps, region maps.

Got a few minutes?

Mad about gas prices? Here’s some good gas price advice. Ok, good might possibly be a relative term.

Oh, man, you have got to see this picture! And then, after you glance at it, take a good hard look: Telephone sheep.

Like quotes? Me, too. Here are a few good ones.

And here are a few quotes that never were. Umm, that sounds strange. You know what I mean, though, right?

And yet one more page of quotes.

That’s enough of that, time to break out the mental hoodia.