Eunoia, etc


Have you heard about this book, Eunoia? Each chapter is written using only one vowel. I would not think such a thing was possible, but it is, and from the excerpts it looks more than half decent.

A collection of photographs: Most of these are just good interesting photos, but a few are disturbing. Still worth a look!

Cool origami trick with a weird commercial prelude.

Original fairy tales, not for the squeamish.

Hand feeding hummingbirds. Yes, seriously!

An alternative energy source.

t020art.jpg and other stuff


This is so true. I want one in 43 different colors.

Amazing movie facts, including the one about Jean Claude Van-Damme, who also has a very big brain.

An incredible photo.

Some of these folks should have kept their mouth shut.

Why everyone loses the silence game.

Stuff to do with books
besides reading them.

All-Time Worldwide Box Office, etc


See how your all time favorite stacked up at the All-Time Worldwide Box Office. I was surprised by the winner.

Optical illusions! This page comes with a disclaimer that it could make you sick, LOL!

Muhahahahahahaha. Must. Control> Laughter. Democrat Halloween.

Photos that changed the world. Oh yes indeed, they did.

Interesting look at the Greek Gods.

How many presidents can you name in three minutes?

Man decorates basement with $10 worth of Sharpie |


You must see this, you simply must. I’ll wait, go now.Man decorates basement with $10 worth of Sharpie.

I thought I knew what a play on words was, until I saw this one.

Umm, WHY is Obama out of money? This is crazy! Cause he’s also charging for his campaign signs! Crazier yet, people are buying them!

The stories behind some of my favorite stories.

Go write your own refrigerator magnet story.

Want the blues?

Gadget Advisor


First, let me apologize for my extended absence. I got busy, and then I got busier and then I got sick. I;m still sick, but after a time, one just has to suck up and deal, right? So that’s what I am doing today. I am taking it easy though, no housework, only desk chair duties. Also, I am only going to talk about one site today. Fortunately for us, Gadget Advisor is a wide ranging site, and there is lots to talk about!

Gadget Advisor is your window to the computer and electronics world. The tagline of the site is “cutting through the cutting edge”, and that pretty much sums up what they do. They talk about gadgets, tech news, computer hardware and computer software. I like they way they focus on open source/free software like Mozilla Firefox and OpenOffice. Ever wondered which FF extensions were must haves? Here ya go: best Firefox extensions.

And what if you, like most American households have four thousand and eleven electrical devices to “entertain” yourself with and each of them has it’s own remote. Or maybe, like me, you only have four thousand and three remotes at any one time, the others being hidden in the couch cushions and various sock drawers? It’s obviously time to check into a big gun; you need a universal remote.

And then there are those more serious times, when your computer blows up and you are faced with massive data loss. This is happening to a friend of mine right now, except the data loss part. She’s a smart cookie and she has taught us the importance of back ups. Gadget Advisor tells you what to look for when you are ready to backup online.

See, I told you there was plenty on this site to talk about! Go check it out.



There, is that better than “Thursday”? Actaully, I shouldn’t have said there. This page on overused words says so. While I can admit that these words mught be overused, I also submit that, sometimes, avoiding their use tends to make for dry writing. Chicken and writing should never be dry. Nonetheless, it’s a good page to read to make sure you aren’t really going overboard with you theres and yous and whens.

Brain-Juice has biographies for famous 20th century folks in the fields of art, music, literature, film and history.

For a giggle, try these cat haikus. I don’t even like cats, and I thought they were funny.

Amazing roof top gardens.

Today’s Christian Woman. I plan to spend some time looking this site over a little better this weekend.

Peacock Swallowtail. No other words needed.