Big thumbs up for WP 2.7


This morning, I upgraded all my blogs to WP 2.7, and I like it. I like it a lot. All the reviews I read assured me that I would hate the admin interface, but I don’t. Not all all! The only thing I would change is that I would move that far left nav to the far right. But, since I only use the nav to nav, I’m not that hung up about it. The inconvenience is far outweighed by the return of drag and drop on the posting screen.

Ok, that’s it, no list of links today, I have databases to upgrade. I’ll be much busier doing that across all my blogs than I was the day when I got my term life insurance quote. Four down and two to go, plus more posts to write.

Studio logos, etc


Have you ever wondered about how the studio logos we now instantly recognized evolved? This page shows what they looked like over time.

Crazy Car Games anyone? I must confess, I never woulda thought of this. When I was a teen, I had way too much respect for authority, I guess.

Have you seen coilovers? Shock absorbers with the springs on the outside. I admit, I had to ask my husband what these were.

Hmm, writing tools. This page covers several genres and looks reasonably thorough.

Learn to do lots of stuff at Instructables. Just watching the flash on the home page will inspire your crafty self. Seriously.

Amazing eggs. In addition to the shots of finished egg art, there are a few of the artist working as well.

Hope you had a Merry Christmas


We sure did! There were no new PS3, but there was a karaoke machine and a new digital tv to replace the 21 inch analog we’d been using for several years. Did you know that our area was one of two test markets for the switch to digital? Whodda thunk it, right?

As for other developments, we did get “lite” internet turned back on as I mentioned. And just this morning, I installed stumbleupon on dh’s machine. Looks like I’ll be good to go, once I figure out a regular posting schedule. Guess that it’s time to schedule a meeting with my VA: Google Calendar. HA!

Imagine this


A thought just occurred to me, as I sat here eating oreos and wondering how to fit Lipovox customer reviews in to this post. What if……no. A little back story.

One, my girls have a friend, and his perpetual joke is “what if there was an invisible motorcycle and it could go through walls”. This always precedes tales of madcap adventure, which of course cannot be verified, because the motorcycle in invisible and can go through walls, so it has all sorts of other magical features of course.

Two, I have just written a post about my yo-yo weight, and so!

What if.. there were special oreos, that tasted like the regular oreos, only when you ate them, they were negative 70 calories each instead of adding 70 calories? Yeah, I’d walk through walls for that, wouldn’t you?

Can’t stand it anymore


I give. Uncle! NUFF! I must have internet, and internet I shall have. On Tuesday. I finally made the call tonight, after I realized there was no way to get the amount of work I have to do done without being away from home way more than I want to be. I feel like I haven’t seen my kids in a week, between needing to use the internet and helping Mama with Christmas stuff.

Now, I still won’t have my own machine, but I can download whatever I need to dh’s and that will still be batter than having to leave home, right?

Purging my life of internet was a little bit like using Orovo detox. I feel like I have clarified some things for myself, and I hope to be able to maintain a reasonable balance once we have internet back on.



Tap, tap, tap. That’s the sound of my foot hitting the floor repeatedly. And the druming you hear is my fingertips on the desk, because I still don’t have my machine back with my blogging tools. I never realized how handy, nay, essential some of my programs and add-ons were until I tried blogging without them. It’s not so good. Not so good at all.

The good news is that when I use my mom’s machine, I don’t have to wear my eyeglasses because her font is set larger than mine. Some of the machines at the library require magnifying glasses, though. /end whine. But I will be really glad to get my machine back. Maybe for Christmas, LOL!

Measuring Scoops and such


I went shopping today at the outlet today. Man, they have the most amazing things there. I like to go in the shoe stores, the kitchen stores, the shoe stores and the candle stores. Today, we saw a little measuring cup that is adjustable. You just slide one end of the cup in and out to increase the capacity. Pretty cool, huh? And I might as well admit that silicone kitchen tools still fascinate me. How can they possibly not melt?

But you know the best part about a shopping trip like today? Besides the shoes, I mean? I walked so much that I won’t have to worry about treadmills for at least a week! Yay me!!

What no money?


I didn’t receive a single penny after my post on Monday. I didn’t expect any, truth be told. This economy is so bad, it’s like everyone’s wallet is on diet pills, including my own.

I know my own shopping habits have changed! I used to go into the store to pick a couple of things, and then browse around until I found a few more. Now, I go in for what I went after, pay for it, and leave. I avoid adding more stuff to my cart as if “more stuff” spelled “leprosy”. If you are feeling the pinch, and it’s a bit tighter than you’d like, you can get some tips here:

Okay, later then


Back in the middle of November, the 18th to be exact, I posted that I hoped to be back sooner rather than later. Ya’ll it is seriously later, and my computer is still seriously OUT FOR REPAIR. I am having a friend do it for me, and he is cutting me an awesome deal, and fronting me the part, so I can’t complain, but man does it ever cramp my blogging style to not have my own machine. (Feel free to donate to my cause, HAHA!) (600 bucks would do it, HAHAHA!) (Not joking.)

In the meantime, it is difficult to find great sites to tell you about, and so I will soon be reduced to introducing you to the blogs in my feed reader, along with sites for small business franchises and such. So..send money. Or wait patiently, like me. (That was a joke.)