Three Neat Internet Stores


First, and sure to garner lots of your Christmas spending dollars, a store where you can buy all kinds of gadgets and gizmos as seen on tv. From exercise equipment to hair removal systems, they have it there.

Second, one of my favorite places to spend money all year long, Knit Picks. From wool to cotton to great feeling synthetics, the prices at this yarn store are sure to please your pocketbook.

Third, and not cheap by any means, PastPresent Gallery. So stunning, I gasped with delight, even as I grabbed firm hold of my paypal.

Treats for your Windows


ooh, ooh, ooh, finally a snappy title!! Yay me!

First up: Roman Shades. Whether you choose light and airy, or dark and sultry, nothing says opulent quite like fabric on your windows.

Second: Bamboo Blinds. A classic look with a warmth only wood can provide. A decorator once told me you should have some natural wood in every room, just for the ambiance it creates. I follow this philosophy in every room of my home except the kitchen.

Finally: Plantation Shutters. Just plain classy, no matter where you put them.

There ya go. You can let the sunshine on, or not. You decide.


Behind every good idea is a great woman struggling for a snappy title. Just sayin’ Let’s get on with the show anyway, shall we?

First, in the category of fiendishly funny, I present Front Fell Off, and I owe a hat tip to Trevor for that gem. Guaranteed snorting there.

Next, rocking cool party invitations and also sedate first communion invitations for your next soiree.

Finally, the Bob Marley homepage which I may or may not have linked before, but if I have, it’s worth another visit, so go again.

I didn’t think of a snappy title here, oops


Ooh, here is a cool interactive electoral map, great for civics instruction and also for political what-if junkies. Rig it any way you want, or use it to see the results of elections past.

And an amazing picture attached to the Canon Digital Photography forum, which I will have to investigate in further detail.

And a cool page full of of projection televisions. Dang, I want one of those.

New Week, New Rank, New Format

Here’s a good giggly site to start off your Monday. Funniest Moments with Animals will have you snickering at the first picture. Yep, that is totally a wig.

Here’s a good site for you readers. At Storybook England, you can find out more about the settings of some of your favorite childhood books. It’s an interactive map site. The sound is a little (okay, a lot) annoying, but you can click it off. Work the map by using the lower right corner of the page, and then clicking the stars.

Great lightning photography. ‘Nuff said on that.
groomsmen gift

Admin Note: Hope you enjoy the new format. Being BOTD should NOT cause me to cringe, so today seems a good time to put my plan into action.

And also lights


of which I am reminded as I sit here in the gathering gloom, because I forgot to flip the switch when I came in. Note to self: ceiling lighting works best if you turn it on. In fact, it only works if you turn it on. D’uh. How many of you have had realizations like that today?

Christmas Cards

Yes! Beginning Friday, they’ll start trickling in, these little pieces of love, stuffed in our mailboxes, sent by people who remember us fondly. Or not so fondly in the case of businesses who just want to make sure we remember them, LOL. I enjoy getting Christmas cards, becasue it causes me to take a moment and think about the ones I love.



I guess it goes without saying that holidays are neat, and Thanksgiving is one of the neatest. I wrote a short history of the holiday, in response to those who are Politically Correct, but not historically accurate. Perhaps you might like to read it Thursday evening while you are considering addiction treatment for all that tryptophan in your system ;P

Sing it, baby


Today, I had a choice. I could tell you about drug rehab, or I could look for something much more interesting, such as these singing horses. I considered briefly which I would rather hear about and chose the horses. You’ll need shockwave/flash to properly enjoy it, but it’s pretty funny. I just wish I could make them sing a song I know!



Have I mentioned Paypal? Surely I have, but I am going to mention it again anyway, because I have pretty much decided to use if for all the bills I possibly can. I am tired the fees on traditional checking accounts and I am not quite sure yet what I think of online accounts. Although, really, that’s dumb, considering I am now planning to use Paypal like a bank account. Umm, ok, maybe I need to rethink my position on online banks, but regardless, Paypal is a neat thing.

BackCountry Survival


If you are interested in survivalist stuff, you’ll find lots of good info at Backcountry Survival. Someone has apparently put the entire FM 31-70 Basic Cold Weather Manual online. You’ll find supply lists (warning for the wimpy–no memory foam mattress allowed) as well as instructions on snow travel and nutrition and hydration. Don’t at the bottom is a link for more civilian info.



Oh, I have discovered the joys of twittering with my friends, and now I must share that joy with you. Twitter allows you to send and receive short (140 characters or less) messages letting others know what you are doing. I got hooked on it while in Vegas, when my friends and I needed to be able to communicate quickly and easily. I’ve decided that I now need a cell phone so I get receive tweets. I won’t be needing a Bluetooth headset, because I don’t plan to actually speak on it. I do, however, need that sweet little thingie (I forget the name, but it had a full QWERTY keyboard) that Colleen has, so I can text my little heart out.

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