Oximeters and other stuff


Hey, I now you’d rather not have to have one, but when ya gotta, ya gotta. So you can find out about oximeters here.

And here you can see that a bear will go to great lengths to eat almost nothing.

This will be cool for your middle school students: map of the Indian Nations.

Video palindrome of a Lost Generation. How do they do stuff like that?

StumbleUpon has a FaceBook page. Why does this surprise me?

Hahaha, use your pet to find out more about yourself. Or pick a pet based on what you already know about yourself.

Best Diet Pills for Women and other stuff


Are your jeans feeling as tight as mine lately? Maybe we need to check out the best diet pills for women before they get any tighter.

This is a very pretty photo. I know I am easily impressed, but still, it’s pretty.

An ode to drunkeness, in varying forms, and probably not what you think.

Ooooh, a little tiny horse. Looks like a dog-goat-cow-horse thingie, but it’s cute.

Some cool art, very colorful. Click to embiggen, because the details are worth it.

I may have shown you this before, but it’s worth checking out again. Can you find the animals?

Diets for quick weight loss and other stuff


Need to squeeze into that too small bikini? Try these diets for quick weight loss.

OOOOOOOh! Easy Brazilian Cheese Bread. I love me some bread, and I would marry cheese if it could speak, so this recipe just has to be a winner!

Hahahaha! Flow chart for Total Eclipse of the Heart. A must-see for children of the 80s.

This is a stunning photo. I can’t tell if it’s macro’ed, cropped, or photo-shopped, but dang, it’s just incredible!

Very cute video card. Especially if you like boxer pups or are newly infatuated. Or maybe even if you just get cold at night.

Magical math, too slick!