For Weather Geeks


Here is a cool site for those of you who are into weather. This page details 10 rare cloud formations with photos and info on how they are formed and where to find them. Click the photos to make them pop up bigger in a new window.

I guess the non-weather geeks will just have to come back tomorrow. Sorry.

Northern Lights


Here is a delightful site on the Aurora Bore Aurora Bora Aurora Bore Northern Lights. Do not miss the opportunity to view the slide show. The site is in frames, so I can only give you the one link, but don’t miss the slideshow (link in the header) or the articles under “What are northern lights?”

Check the Weather


in space! Space Weather is a science geek’s dream. There is a lot of great information here. You can get the skinny on space wind, sun spots, meteor showers, and more.

National Science Foundation


Today I am presenting the National Science Foundationwebsite. You’ll find lots to explore here. I could go on and on about it, but that would be time you spent here instead of over there. I will tell you that the movies about wild animals are not to be missed. When I was at the site this morning, the first picture on the top bar of pictures took me there.

Drawings of Leonardo


Here is a collection of the drawings of Leonardo DaVinci. The site also has links to other sites that focus on DaVinci. The thumbnails are linked to larger copies of the drawings, and they are exceptionally clear. A wonderful site to study history, science or art. I have to admit that I was surprised when I clicked on his “Views of a Fetus in the Womb” to see that the great Leonardo had the proportions wrong. Click it and see if you do not agree.

Extreme Instability


I just spent a bit of time at Extreme Instability. The guy is a storm chaser, so there’s some question in my mind whether “extreme instability” refers to the weather or his mental condition, LOL. I’m going to assume it’s a bit of both. If you go to the yearly pages, you can then click to see huge photos, and they really are amazing. His FAQ covers his equipment and severe weather, including his chasing philosophy.

Now, I don’t think I’ll ever be a storm chaser, but, I find the pictures fascinating. That is to say, I’m glad there are people who do it, but it’s not going on my “one day” list of things to do :)

If his pics were not all copyrighted I’d be putting this one right here to whet your appetite.

Your Age on Other Worlds


This is good for explaining to kids how time spans differ on other planets. Fill in your birthdate to find out how old you’d be on other planets. Requires java-script enabled browser. Your Age on Other Worlds is just the kind of thing to make time and space fun. And there, Pluto is still a planet.

Bill Nye The Science Guy


Remember him? Cool Stuff from your favorite geek. Just try to get that song out of your head! Bill Nye The Science Guy was good on tv (you do remember him from PBS long ago, right?) and he’s good on he internet, too. Just as much fun as you remember.

Hunkin’s Experiments


Stress-free Science experiments. Made this homeschooler happy. It’s difficult to find science stuff that you can do with what’s on hand, at least for me. This site has plenty to keep us busy for quite awhile. Hunkin’s Experiments has over 200 home experiments, and that’s a couple years worth at least.

Molecular Expressions


This site has you begin by viewing the Milky Way at 10 million light years from the Earth. You move on through space towards the Earth in successive orders of magnitude until you reach a tall oak tree just outside the buildings of the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory in Tallahassee, Florida. Once you get to the tree, the pictures just get more and more fascinating as you go through leaf, cells, DNA and finally to electrons and protons.

Secret Worlds: The Universe Within is just astounding. The first run-through is quick, but I had to go back several times to enjoy it repeatedly.

Backyard Birding


Nice place to start on your search for bird watching info. From making suet, to building a better birdhouse, to planting bird attracting plants, you can find links to it here. Backyard Birding will be a reference point for us this spring. I’d love to get some good photos!