What’s with that?


Oh, rant coming. I’m single. I like it that way. Read my lips. I like it. I do not feel incomplete. I do not feel less. What i do feel is weirded out when people I assume I am lonely and looking for a man and lusting after engagement rings. No. Do not want. Seriously. When I want jewelry, I’ll buy it myself. And when I want a man, I’ll rent him by the day.

I got nothin’


Well, that’s not quite true. I have plenty of things I need to do and plenty of complaints about the cold temperatures. Anybody now where I can file a complaint? What I don’t have is enough warm drinks, a cotter pin from Reid Supply, or enough motivation to tackle the to-do list. I have just about enough gusto to brew more coffee, wrap up in this snuggli, and spend the day reading. And I may do just that after I take the kids to school, get some groceries, do some laundry, pay some bills, and finish my current knitting project.