The Official BB King Website


This doesn’t need much intro, does it? Hear a song or two, read about Lucille, and get your blues on. The Official BB King Website will keep you crying in your drink of choice all night long. You’ll sing a lot too. This site will also keep you up to date on King’s current doings.

Backyard Birding


Nice place to start on your search for bird watching info. From making suet, to building a better birdhouse, to planting bird attracting plants, you can find links to it here. Backyard Birding will be a reference point for us this spring. I’d love to get some good photos!

Disclosure Policy


This policy is valid from 29 October 2006

This blog is written and edited by me. For questions about this blog, please contact cass at cassknits dot com.

There are compensated posts on this blog, and those posts may not always be identified as paid postings within the posts themselves. While I am sometimes compensated for writing about certain topics, I will always give my honest thoughts. The views and opinions you read here are my own. Additionally, any article I write for this site will be about something that qualifies as a neat thing, whether I am compensated or not. Money is not enough to make a site or concept “neat”.

Lost in the 50s


this Oldies site is filled with music ”mainly” from the 50s and 60s. you will not find graphic images of the era, but .. you will have the memory images you bring with you .. or the images the music will create behind your eyes. Lost in the 50s will take you right on back.

More Fridge Words


Another magnetic word site. You can create whatever you’d like with words. Fridge 3.0 lets you pick up where the other guy left off to write your masterpiece. As a bonus, the sitelets you know how many other players have been there in the last 30 minutes. I can so seeing playing this with a group of crazy internet friends.

Welcome to Six Neat Things


Welcome to Six Neat Things. Here I propose to share with you 6 neat things off the internet, each week. Why 6? Because I have to stop somewhere!