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Today’s neat thing is something I’d like to see. The thought was inspired by a website that focuses on some schools in St Louis, which you can check out here. My thought was, wouldn’t it be neat if there were sites like this for cities all over the country, that listed all the colleges and what they offered? There must be 10 assorted higher ed schools in my immediate area. It would be cool to be able to compare them all on one site, ykwim? Putting it all together is a bit more than I am willing to tackle, but I sure do wish someone else would do it!

Hand Art

Here are an assortment of absolutely stunning pictures, all drawn on hands. It won;t take you long to look at them, but it could take quite a bit longer to actually see them. Go check out these Incredible Hand Paintings.

Green Tea


Ok, readers, today I am asking for your help. I read this page today about green tea and weight loss, and I want to know what you think. I’m not interesting in losing massive amounts of weight, but I am needing to replace the kick to my metabolism that smoking used to provide. I do like the flavor of green tea, so here are my questions for you:

1) Do you drink it?
2) How much and how often?
3) Do you find it increases your energy level and/or metabolism?

Please let me know your thoughts and experiences!

All Kinds of Minds


Navtej Kohli has been gracious enough to sponsor a post about my favorite charity. In fact, he‘s sponsored several across my different blogs, and I’ll be highlighting a different charity for each sponsorship, but I’m making them all local, in a state wide sort of way. Right now, I want to tell you about All Kinds of Minds. This organization is rated 4 stars by Charity Navigators, and it’s self-stated primary goal is to “educate teachers, parents, educational specialists, psychologists, pediatricians, and students about differences in learning, so that children who are struggling in school because of the way their brains are “wired” are no longer misunderstood.” All Kinds of Minds believes that the key to helping a child is to pinpoint that child’s strengths and weaknesses in learning, and then help parents and teachers develop a program for that specific child. I don’t think it gets any closer to homeschooling than that, except for, you know, actual home schooling and all.

I want to thank Navtej for the opportunity to talk about an organization that’s making a difference to kids right here in my home state. We cannot make a better investment than pouring our resources into our children.

Cool Desk

I was looking at office furniture today, after my run-in with the cool conference table. I found a desk I really like. Wouldn’t I look so official sitting behind this? All it needs is a bookshelf on the right wing. I’d really enjoy facing the living room instead of the wall, ykwim? I may have to …..arrange something. Yes, that is the smell of me thinking.

Conference Tables

Oh, wow. You have got to check out these conference tables! This isn’t something you’ll need in your home, but it’s cool anyway. The tables come with pop-up doo-hickeys so you can plug in laptop computers. You get power and ethernet built right into the table! I don’t know why that amazed me so when I first saw it, but it did. Now that I think about it, it’s pretty logical, but my first ewaction was–hey, that’s so! cool!!

Necessary Neatness Salina Car Dealer

With new and used vehicles featured every week at great prices, you’ll quickly see why Conklin Cars in Salina, Kansas is the car dealer to see for your next purchase. With a huge selection of new and used vehicles, it’s easy to see why they’re the Kansas car cealer more people are visiting every day. Why spend more time stressing out about where to go for your next car when you can go to Conklin Cars in Salina and have them help you through the entire process. You’ll be happy you did.

Steel Buildings


I always thought of steel buildings as being for storage only, so I was surprised and happy to see them marketed as house additions. I was excited right up until I tried to find out how much it would cost and realized I had to fill out a form with my full name etc. Not neat. Not neat at all.

Necessary Neatness Drug Rehab

There’s nothing neat about finding yourself trapped in a lifestyle that you are ready to leave behind. When you need it though drug rehab is a very neat thing. As I have said before, there’s no shame in finding yourself in trouble, but you don;t have to stay that way. Getting help is cool, it’s smart, and it could save your life.


Here’s an opportunity to be your own boss! Do you know who owns those machines we buy snacks from? People do. Regular folks like me and you! They buy snacks at wholesale, load the machines, and sell at retail. Vendstar is one of the leading manufacturers of such machines, and they make a wide variety of machines, so that you can use them to sell anything from one inch gumballs to whole sandwiches. The work is fairly east, and the US Department of Labor estimates the hourly wage of vending machine operators at over $70! That’s a nice bit of change, isn’t it?

Words 2 Kill

Hhere are some words to avoid when writing. I don’t agree with all of them, mostly because I enjoy being labeled disagreeable, but Words to Kill is a great starting point for improving your writing skills. After you check that page out, continue to poke around the site, because there is a plethora of good stuff here.



Nothing’s neater than letting your voice be heard, right? Especially by a major manufacturer who wants to know what actual consumers think of new products. Synovate is a major market research firm, and they are looking for new panelists. This is your chance to let companies know what you think. By filling out simple surveys (sometimes for compensation, sometimes, not), you can help shape the products of tomorrow . Not a bad deal, huh?

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