Haiku Error Messages


These are hilarious! Haiku Error Messages will make you laugh, unless the error in question has happened to you lately. Then you might just cry! How anyone could make poetry from computer trouble is beyond me, but they have, and I like it!



This site is full of ideas and information about Random acts of kindness. You’ll find ideas for individuals and groups as well as lesson plans for classroom teachers. Now, why are you still here? Go do something nice for someone else!

Fantasy Football


The season that seems to never end is upon us once again. I’m not a big fan of the game, but the rest of the family thinks it’s all that and then some. While you are waiting for the season to start, check out AFFL.com where you can play fantasy football. They have some rocking prizes this year and here are the rules.



Writing pointers -remember NaNoWriMo is coming in November and you can start brushing up now. Less than 4 months, ya’ll! Writerisms and Other Sins has 12 tips for you, along with examples. The final tip is probably the best–CHERRYH’S LAW: NO RULE SHOULD BE FOLLOWED OFF A CLIFF.

Poker Tables


If you are a card player, this neat thing is for you! Check out these poker tables! The tables are solid hardwood with leather playing surfaces, and you can get dining tops and matching leather club chairs, too. These table sets aren’t cheap–they’ll set you back a pretty penny, but they are beautiful! Just take a real deep breath before you click over.



Travelers, this neat thing is for you. If you are planning an Orlando vacation, be sure to check out Orlandofuntickets.com. These guys have every Disney Ticket available, and guarantee you the lowest price. What sets these guys apart from all the other places you can buy Disney World tickets, aside from the guarantee, is that they have tickets for lots more that Disney–Sea World, Arabian Nights, Pirates Dinner Adventure nd more. These folks are a one stop ticket shop for the major Orlando area attractions. Hmm, save money, save time, save hassle. That seems pretty neat to me!


This neat thing is for bloggers. You probably realize that if you don’t update for a while, your readers will quit coming by. And yet, life happens, and sometimes you need to get away for awhile, take a vacation, or whatever. I’m not talking about a day or two, but a longer time period. That’s where autopublish comes in. Just write your post like you normally would, and change the time stamp to reflect when you want the post to appear on your blog. Viola, there it is, and there you are–somewhere else. Your readers get fresh content, so they keep coming back, but you get a break. It’s like anti-funeral insurance for your blog!

Business Cards

Business cards are a great way to give out your phone number, and let people know just a little about what you do. I like to pass mine out as I say “I am a professional blogger”, because mine list a bunch of my sites on them. I can avoid spelling my URLs this way, LOL! Since business cards are tax deductible, it makes sense to splurge just a bit and order ones that a memorable. The ones at GreatFX Business Cards have added features like raised print and glossy color that you won’t find on cheaper cards, so you can make a statement as you pass them out.

HD Stock


Now that I have sent you to You Tube, where you can watch videos, I’ll tell you about a site where you can buy them. I don’t mean DVDs and suck that you would watch at home, but rather professional HD stock footage that you can buy to use however you want! The clips are sold “royalty free,” and that means you don’t have to specify and adhere to a pre-ordained set of usage limitations. Once you buy the clip, you can use it how ever you want, where ever you want for as long as you want. It’s yours. Period. Neat, huh?

You Tube

How did I go so long without mentioning this site?? I’m a big internet slacker, huh? You can find all sorts of videos here, from infomercials like WCI culinary videos to cute kid vids. You can search videos you may like through tags, or you can surf by channels.

It goes without saying that all those videos got there by being uploaded by internet users just like us. Getting an account is relatively quick and painless, and then you can be a star like me! Yes, I have a couple there, but I;m leaving it up to you to find them. I’ll give you a hint though: Garth Brooks.

Necessary Neatness Philadelphia Locksmith

There are times when flexibility is warranted and there are just some things for which there is no substitute. When you need them, you need them, and nothing else will do. I mean, if you need a cold drink, you may prefer a soda, but lemonade will do. If you need shoes, you may prefer flipflops, but loafers will do. You see where I am going, right?

On the other hand, when you need a locksmith, nothing else will do. You really have to have one, preferably NOW, whether it’s a Philadelphia Locksmith or one in some other location. Well, maybe that’s not absolutely true. You could get a body man to repair the door you mangled or a glass man to replace the window you busted, but either of those will cost you more than if you just called the locksmith to begin with. The number is 1-866-768-6692

Computer Security


We all like to think our computers are safe, don’t we? We also like to think we are too smart to click on something that will give us a virus or trojan horse, too. But the folks who code that junk are getting smarter everyday, and sooner or later, and maybe even by accident, that click will happen. Software Security Solutions has researched the available products for each type of threat, and bundled them into one package. That way, you get the layered protection you need on one package. I’m sorry that I am not cyber-savvy enough to explain just what’s in there, but I am savvy enough to know that you need security software, so go check this out.

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