Gas Fireplaces


Today’s neat thing is ventless gas fireplaces and mantels. I like these fireplaces because you get all the cheeriness of a fire, but no sooty mess and no chopping wood. At Agee, they even do custom work. so you can get a custom mantel or fireplace cabinet to fit any fireplace and any décor. Check them out!

Banana Bunker


Oh, I was got and got good tonight. I saw this neat thing on Fickle Food, and I have to tell you…it’s totally not what you will think it is, and that’s all I’m sayin’. Go check it out for yourself.

Underwater Hotel

I want to send you over to Call Me When You Get There today, to see a video. Jackie has posted a very neat vid of an underwater hotel concept. It’s totally cool! I’d love to stay in a place like this, and I am betting you would too!.

Cookies and Cakes and Tarts, oh my!


I was just looking at the Le Cordon Bleu Pâtisserie and Baking Program at The site is in frames, so i can’t get a direct link for you, but trust me when I say this is a neat thing. No, I take that back, don’t trust me; go check it out for yourself. The program lasts just nine months, bit the list of stuff you’ll learn to make and do is impressive: tartlets, creams, icings, pies, cakes, principles of kitchen management, specialty yeast dough, sponge dough, and decorate cakes ranging from simple royal icing to wedding cakes just to start!

This is one course I’d love to take myself! I may just use that list to design my own self taught course since leaving home for nine months isn’t exactly an option just now.


This site has a large collection of jokes, so it’s a good one to visit when you need a little pick-me-up. It’s pretty clean humor, too, with no F-word bombs. You’ll find some double entendre’s but that’s about it. So, why are you still here? Visit and get to laughing!



Move over fellas, this site is for the girls. HerFabLife is a new site that’s going places. Here you’ll find the 411 on the latest restaurants, salons and retail store openings in your area. Registration is quick and free, and once you register on the site, you can tip them off to new things, too. You don’t have to register to if you only want to read the site.

The site is in beta, but so far it is thoroughly enjoyable. Everything on the site is tailored to women, and if you want to know the latest trends, this is the place to visit. From fashion advice to hot guys you will find it here.

Noise Reducing Headphones


Here’s a product I could learn to love:

With Noise Cancelling Headphones, you can finally get your work done without being distracted by phones ringing, people talking, or the constant clicking of computer keyboards. What’s great about these Noise Reduction Headphones is that you can plug them into your favorite music and listen to something you actually enjoy, instead of the hustle and bustle of the office next to yours.

Reckon that would apply to cries of “Stoooooooopid”, “She hit me”, etc? It would be really cool to actually get an entire thought written uninterrupted once in a while.


Here’s a neat site where you can play bingo online. Instead of a ball puller, BingoHouse uses a random number generator to call the balls, and there’s a game on 24/7. There’s a free trial, so you can try it out and see if it’s for you. If you do decide to play for pay, you can get cards for as little as ten cents.

In addition to the bingo games, there’s also a chat feature on the site, and a few other games as well. Here are the instructions for getting started, and here are the FAQs

Wild Hearts Horse Fund

Hidalgo fans, this one is for you. Do you remember the project he was involved with at teh end of the movie? I think it was something like this Wild Hearts Horse Fund. Now, I invite you to read through this whole site, and not just fall in love with the pictures on the front page. There’s more to the story that first meets the eye, as Ang points out in the comments.

Park West Gallery


im154037.jpgIsn’t this beautiful? It’s called Rhapsody Love, and it’s by Csaba Markus. I found it on the front page of Park West Gallery. Park West holds art auctions, but they also have ever-changing exhibits in their 23 gallery facility. Each gallery is devoted to a particular style or artist, and every month they have a new exhibition and sale, and at least 1000 new works are displayed. They are located in Southfield, Michigan with affiliates in Miami, Florida.

The most amazing thing to me, is that they handle over 6000 pieces of art a week. That i an incredible amount of passion and beauty and heart to hold in your hands. 6000 pieces of someone’s soul. That’s a staggering concept.

Quiz Meme

Here is a website for the blogger in you. Quiz Meme is full of those fun online quizzes that we all enjoy. If you’ve ever wondered what flavor of pie you are or what breed of dog you could be, you can find out here. Go have some fun, and let me know about the pie. My favorite is blueberry. No need to report back on the dog breed, I’m allergic to all of them.

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