Patio Furniture and other stuff


So, I’m thinking the neatest thing going these days is sitting around enjoying the weather before it gets too stinking hot, which it almost is already. If you have some patio furniture, be sure and enjoy it. July is coming faster than you think!

Cool artwork. They look like cutaways, but they aren’t.

Strawberries, cream and chocolate. Who needs anything else?

My view on life.

If you are going to Japan, you need to check out these helpful phrases.

A study ball, so you can guarantee that no fun happens until the studying is done.

Diet pill reviews and other stuff


Need to lose a few pounds? Check out these diet pill reviews. Information is always a neat thing.

This looks like a great potato recipe. I’m adding the blog to my feed reader.

Holy Camel Dung, Batman! You gotta check out this paint job!

If you think gymnastics is amazing, explore the science behind it for a few minutes. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t seem nearly as magical after reading about how it works. YMMV.

All about Poe. Complete with flash video!

Ever wonder what to read? This could be pretty amazing.

TV Stands and other stuff


Well, if you watch tv, you may need one of these neat tv stands. I don’t watch very much, so I have one on a desk and one on a dresser and that’s good for me.

Ever thought of writing your own book? Go on and tell your story.

Short article from a man convicted of a murder he did not commit. Interesting read.

Hahahaha: see what viral can do for you?

Want to know more stuff about the president? Click here.

Like blues? You know you do. Have a listen to Eric Bibb.

Spring rains and other stuff


Someone is busy these days and that someone is me! It seems like there is never enough time to do the stuff I want and need to do. And then there is weather. This weekend, I finally got out in the yard to do some flower planting and it started raining! By the time it stopped, I would have needed outdoor lighting to continue. Instead, I watched Click.

Today, I am off to do odd jobs. But I thought I would share a few things with you first.

What about My Space? Bet you haven’t visited it yet.

And that makes six, believe it or not!

Gazebo kits and other stuff


Look, gazebo kits so you can build it yourself.

Here is an index of devotions. I haven’t read any of them, so be careful. There is a lot of false teaching out there, but also some real gold.

Hair, then and now. There is nothing new under the sun, nope, not even in Hollywood.

Brave New World. Been meaning to read that for ages.

Hmm, here’s some help with figuring out those confusing words. Like the one I used incorrectly the other night. How embarrassing was that?

Vintage ads
. How many did you see when they first came out?

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