Tick, tick, tick


So, I am sitting here waiting. I took my last final for summer session yesterday, and I want to see my grade! It hasn’t posted yet. For all I know, the prof is out shopping for icon helmets. She’s maybe on vacation, or planning vacation, or engaged in some other summery fun. Which, you kow, I would also like to do. But instead I am sitting here refreshing the page, waiting on that grade. WTH?

Whatcha planning


Summer is here, folks. Whatcha got going on? Are you looking at manteo real estate, firing up the grill, catching fireflies? Or are you like me, with your head so far down the tip of your nose has been worn off by the grindstone? I’m changing my tactics, and so should you! I only have about 35 summers left. It’s time to start enjoying them!