I bet I am the last person on the planet to blog about this, but it’s worth mentioning anyway. I’m talking about Google Maps. You can drill right down to an address using these maps! Say you are looking for Orlando real estate. Use Google maps to get a birds eye view of the area you are interested in, like down to the actual house. I just found mine. Not in Florida, you know, but here, where it actually is, of course.

Speaking of Florida real estate, some folks are trying to get a measure on the ballot, and if you are a Florida resident, I’d appreciate it if you click his banner, and sign the petition. You aren’t voting for the measure, only voting to allow people to vote. tip: it’s only a representative democracy as long as we get to be heard.
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Father’s Day Gifts


PSA: Father’s Day is coming in just 9 days. If you haven’t shopped yet, you need to get a move on. Gift baskets make neat Father’s Day Gifts, and this site has a plethora of them. You can choose from gourmet food baskets, golf themed baskets, grilling baskets and more. If you can’t find just what you are looking form this site will build a custom basket for you. Err, for your dad, I mean. Now, I;m not encouraging you to wait until the last minute, but if you do find yourself behind the eight ball, these guys can arrange same day/ next day delivery for you.

Hoodia PSA


I’m not quite sure what I think of these Hoodia diet pills, and whether they are neat or not. I am sure they are better for you than the amphetamines you used to be able to buy as “diet aids”. Nonetheless, this warning is for hypoglycemics like myself. Hoodia acts like glucose in the body. That can wreak havoc with an already precarious blood sugar level. Just to be balanced, I will also tell you that fenugeek has the same effects, as I discovered when I took it to help increase my milk supply.

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