Feb TwentyEight 2008 2


Hey, you gotta post when you have time, right?

I’m not quite sure whether this site is neat or not, but I did click through several pages while shaking my head. The domain name is Ultra PMS, and they claim to have a cure for fibromyalgia. What can I say, except that I am easily amused.

Table of Condiments
that indicates how long they last. Print for the frig.

Digital art, vaguely disturbing in a surreal sort of way.

1000birds, a bird watchers nirvana.

You won’t believe anybody could be this idiotic and live.

The power of books. Be sure to click through the other photos.

Feb TwentyEight 2008

The best buy I’ve seen on a 4GB flash drive.

Here’s an article on 7 healthy foods most of us skip.

This picture is crazy funny. Just click it.

One guy gets his own with an AT&T telemarketer. Make sure you read through to the end.

Bookmooch, where you give and get books.

Great tutorial on unraveling sweaters. If you are a fiber artist, you need to see this.

Feb TwentyFive 2008


Some amazing photographs by Stephen Eastwood.

An amusing list of thought provoking questions. Go ahead and try to answer them.

Here’s some cool home theater furniture, because really, when your tv is the size of a movie screen, you can’t just sit on the couch to watch it, can you?

Hahahaha, a doggie window!

For my fellow linguists, an Etymological Dictionary.

Cute little toys that you print and build. Heavy paper recommended.

Feb TwentyFour 2008 2


Ok, usually I tell you to get coffee. This time I am warning you not to be drinking when you read this list of reasons Americans should not travel.

Cool store to buy replacement cabinet hardware.

A nice reminder that you truly can do anything.

How many times can one man unsucessfully run for president? At least 5, apparently.

A way cool box of colored pencils. Just trust me and click.

Roll Over, Beethoven! Welcome to the age of the internet!!

Feb TwentyFour 2008

Must see picture of a library. Or is it? Have a look and decide.

Great article on Clinton and Obama. I can’t believe I just link DailyKos. Carla, did you see that? I hope you saw that. That I linked there, I mean.

Young Dubliners. It’s auto-play, but I can overlook that for Celtic Rock and Roll.

Hmm, eca stack because you gotta do what you gotta do.

Founding Fathers.info, including the Federalist Papers.

A light-hearted giggle to round out the post.

Feb Nineteen 2008


Here are some great tasting foods that are good for you, too.

This is an awesome Scottish castle, where I would absolutely love to spend a vacation.

A Cybercopy of the advertisement that recruited Pony Express riders.

Webpage with links to info on the lives of everyday women in the ancient world.

Some travel insurance for the vacation mentioned above.

A cool paper craft, backed up by a whole site of cool paper crafts.

Feb Fifteen 2008


Mathematical Proof that girls are evil.

The 100 best novels, from readers and and the Modern Library editorial board.

Oh, and also there is a rival list. Of course.

Some very intriguing oil paintings. Get coffee first. Trust me.

An assortment of weight benches for your strength building pleasures.

Lastly, get out a couple of dollar bills and go see how to make money faces.

Valentine Edition 2008


Just in case you are new here, Pandora Radio. I have talked about it before, but it’s still awesome.

Here’s a site that lets you listen to individual songs and also buy them (from Amazon): Songza. You can also create a specific playlist here, which you can’t do at Pandora.

Did you know you can search etsy by color? Without typing? Etsy by Color. Happy shopping!

Water car. No kidding.

World sunlight map, complete with cloud cover. In real time!

Finally, something to think long and hard about: Seven Blunders of the World

Quicky Catchup


Not the best way to make up for a week of neglect, but…………..

Farecast, where you can search for and compare flights, and even save your favorite departure city for insta-deals.

33 Statutes, some sweet, some funny, some just plain weird

Rhyme finder, and it even breaks them down by syllables. Did you know there is a whole page of words that rhyme with song? Me either.

Term life insurance quotes, cause it’s important.

Tea party, where you can see Alice as a brunette.

Viking Exhibit, where you can learn a thing or thirteen.

The Paypal Card


Whoa, Bessie, I love it! I just got my Paypal debit card this week. I know, I know, what took me so long??!!?? I just am so behind the times, but anyway! I used it this evening for grocery shopping, and it was awesome. This card has taken the place of a checking account for me. Paypal can buy actual food or gas, and not just make-up and diapers!