Vegas vacations etc


No, I didn’t fall off the face of the earth again. Nor did I depart on one of those fancy Vegas vacations without inviting you along. I’m just feeling a bit harried and hard pressed as I try to hit my stride as a single parent with a job and a to do list that’s even longer than the old one. But now that I am here, let’s skip the rest of the excuses and go find neat things together, shall we?

A visual explanation of the stumble addiction.

Black and white or color? A neat photo in a collection of neat photos.

A cliche finder. Because then we could sit around and just describe the world in other people’s words and never have to form an original thought. In spite of the sarcasm, I do like a good cliche.

Like fine dining? Really fine dining? Check this out.

Amazing craftsmanship. I think I have shared this site before but it is worth a repeat.



Another great title, right? I am beat, people. And I still have miles to go before I sleep. So, let’s hurry up and find some neat stuff, so I can read some feeds so I can go to bed, before I start seriously considering diet pills as an energy source.

Have you seen this? According to Greg, you should.

Oooh, so prit-tay. I want one.

Oh, I like this too, and of course I want to be one of the One Million for Christ.

Hahahaha, a new times table.

Interesting art, if you are into the surreal. And I am.

KLove and other stuff


Did you know you could listen to klove online? Do you know what klove is? I guess that’s the first question, LOL. Give them a listen and see.

Here’s an comparison of acne treatments, if you happen to need help with blemishes.

Oooh, lookie at these papercuts. These things fascinate me.

Crochet tutorials! This is a handy site for me, LOL. Or would be if I ever took time to craft anymore.

Political Cartoons. Mostly conservative based, and pretty darn funny in a sad, sad way.

Holy cow, pour me a glass of milk while I try my hand at homemade oreos.

What has happeneed to StumbleUpon?

You know, I love me some Stumbleupon. I use it a lot, particularly on this blog. But I have a problem, and I am not sure there’s a fix for it! It seems like while I was offline, SU got filled up with sites that are not so great! Someone somewhere must have had some sales training or something that included info on getting your site stumbled via trades or what not, cause seriously. I used to be able to use maybe one in three sites, and tonight… was maybe one in ten. Do you know how long it takes to evaluate 50 sites per blog post? Too long, that’s what. /end rant

Insurance Quotes and other stuff


First things first, you need to take care of business, get your affairs in order, stuff like that. You can start here: insurance quotes.

Ooooh, this is slick. It’s a video of someone playing music on glasses. Totally cool!

Some amazing pictures of the the amazing earth we live on.

Interesting little optical thing called birds forever searching.

The author uses the word haunting to describe the American Merchant Mariners’ Memorial. Go read the words and view the pictures. Haunting doesn’t begin to describe. We must also add horrible.

A new look at Starry, Starry Night.