No, I didn’t fall off the face of the earth again. Nor did I depart on one of those fancy Vegas vacations without inviting you along. I’m just feeling a bit harried and hard pressed as I try to hit my stride as a single parent with a job and a to do list that’s even longer than the old one. But now that I am here, let’s skip the rest of the excuses and go find neat things together, shall we?

A visual explanation of the stumble addiction.

Black and white or color? A neat photo in a collection of neat photos.

A cliche finder. Because then we could sit around and just describe the world in other people’s words and never have to form an original thought. In spite of the sarcasm, I do like a good cliche.

Like fine dining? Really fine dining? Check this out.

Amazing craftsmanship. I think I have shared this site before but it is worth a repeat.