Dedicated Hosting and other stuff


Bandwidth issues got you down? Try dedicated hosting.

Hahah. A little wire, a little imagination, and viola! Bent objects. If you don’t giggle at least one, you may need an adjustment.

Remember that big storm last week? Pictures.

Nerdy tattoos. Some are cool, some are just weird.

Ooooh, daily SAT practice. Hmm, looks like only 47 percent of kids are answering correctly OUCH!

The new knowledge.

Mattress for sale and other stuff


Not sleeping well? Check out this link: mattress for sale. They are new, not used.

Ooh, paper art. But not what you expect. Clickie!

Oh my word. The page says Fairytale Destinations, and these landscapes do look just like fairytales. I wanna go somewhere!

This is a cool grocery list, obviously written by someone who has way more time than I do to spend on list making.

Get your giggle box ready.

Street art. Some pretty cool stuff here.

Personal Loans and other stuff

Feeling the pinch in you wallet instead of your waistline? personal loans

This is a very pretty picture. It would make an awesome wallpaper.

Have a few relaxing minutes listening to these blasts from the past.

Yet another pretty picture. Makes me miss warm weather. I need to go on a photo walk. Heck, I just need to go for a walk!

Here’s another free internet radio. I love that you can now listen to practically any station in the world.

You know, Shakespeare was a word master. His insults are still awesome!