Dog Ramps and other stuff


Looking to give your best friend a hand up? Check out these dog ramps.

And look at this photo gallery. Everything is so sharp! I wonder though, how much is staged and how much is photo shopped and how much is real?

Oh, this is cute. Turn your baby in to a warm wooly FROG!

Get confused by the Bill of Rights? This explanation should help clear it up for you.

A website that list writing contests, where you can submit your work.

Some surreal prints, brought to you by Maggie Taylor. Enjoy.

Mobile Homes and other stuff


Looking for new digs? Check out thesemobile homes. I sure could use a “suite retreat”.

The Top 10 Existential Movies of All Time offers a list of just what it said. I added three to my blockbuster queue. The two that deal with memory issues got bumped to the top, because that is an area I struggle with.

Socks, knitted inside out. I may have to try these. Lord knows, I have enough sock yarn!

Most beautiful sad story ever.

Great photo here, more than you can take in in one glance, for sure!

Like to write? Check out the 101 best websites for writers.

Halloween Scoop


Halloween will be here before you know it., so it’s a good idea to start looking for kid’s costumes, today. Selected themes and characters are limited in quantity and based on demand, could run out of stock very quickly. This is particular true with kids sizes 4-6 which is by far the most popular. Determine who you will be buying for; baby or toddler costumes, girls, boys and what their size is. What is your childs favorite character…is it a princess or a super hero? There are many different styles, sizes and accessories available now in stock. So if you don’t get a start on it now, your child will undoubtedly give you that frumpy look of dissatisfaction as they wear a costume two sizes too big.

Instead of purchasing the same old regular style costume, pick up a deluxe style costume package, which includes extra accessories such as tiaras and muscle chests, and make your child’s Halloween a day to remember. If your daughter likes Hannah Montana, there are several types of costumes for you to look at. Hannah Montana costumes including a gold metallic jacket with the Hannah Montana logo, a matching tunic top, black cropped leggings, and a glittery belt. Costumes come in different sizes ranging in sizes from 4-10. Stars Wars costumes are always a very popular year in and out for boys and girls, babies and toddlers. A Jedi Knight is great for the hero, but Darth Vader is by far the most popular for Halloween. Kids love the dark mask, as well the light saber accessories. Princess Leia is still a classic choice for all girls and little princesses. Star Wars costumes all are available to babies, too!

Cad drawings and other stuff


Need a little graphics help? Take a look at these cad drawings packages.

Wanna boggle your mind with hair raising possibilities? Check out this information (with pics) about the Gibraltar Airport.

This next page is pretty fascinating. It contains several examples of origami, but with a hitch: these pieces are made with money. Many of them are so complicated that I can’t even begin to figure them out.

Have yarn and needles? You, too, can knit creatures.

This page promises Scary Old School Surgical Tools. It delivers.

From computer screens to paper, to nails, I think we’ve covered the gamut today.

Netbooks and other stuff


Ok, if you are an internet geek, you’ve probably already seen the new netbooks. If you haven’t, go ahead and take a peek.

Umm, love poems. Guys pay attention here. Chicks dig it.

Have trouble sleeping? Take a look at these six suggestions. Lately I have been told to journal multiple times from multiple sources. Might be time to start….journaling.

Online Parallel Bible. This would be great for quick lookups. I usually recommend Crosswalk, but theirs is a little more unwieldy to use than this one looks to be.

A few good tidbits on conflict resolution.

If you are a fan of live music, you will love the concert vault.

Weight Loss Pills and other stuff

You know what I like best about finding the sites that I bring to your attention on this blog? I have fun finding them! Seriously, it’s like weight loss pills for boredom!

If you are big into horse, and like to help with animal rescue, you may like this page. There are several feel good photo stories about horses that have been successfully rescued.

And this photo make a real good follow up to the ones on that page.

Must be animal day here at Six Neat Things. Check out this video of a playful Dobie.

Okay, breaking away from the animal theme, this poster brings interactive advertising to a whole new level. I’d imagine it’s pretty effective at delivering it’s anti-violence message.

Tired of looking for switchplates to match your decor? A little modge podge and a little fabric, and you can make custom switchplates.