I’m not talking about the city in France, but rather Paris Las Vegas. From the Eiffel Tower to Rue de la Paix to the Opera House, portions of the City of Lights have been re-created in the City of Sin. To which I am going. In November. HA!I will definitely have to check this hotel out. Just because my reservations are somewhere else doesn’t mean I can’t visit Paris, right?



I bet I am the last person on the planet to blog about this, but it’s worth mentioning anyway. I’m talking about Google Maps. You can drill right down to an address using these maps! Say you are looking for Orlando real estate. Use Google maps to get a birds eye view of the area you are interested in, like down to the actual house. I just found mine. Not in Florida, you know, but here, where it actually is, of course.

Speaking of Florida real estate, some folks are trying to get a measure on the ballot, and if you are a Florida resident, I’d appreciate it if you click his banner, and sign the petition. You aren’t voting for the measure, only voting to allow people to vote. tip: it’s only a representative democracy as long as we get to be heard.
save our homes

Get Away


Every time I see pictures of a bed and breakfast, I determine again to go to one. They just look so beautiful, and peaceful and restful and neat. And I have never been to one! Check out this Mendocino bed and breakfast. Tell me who could resist that? Here’s my secret: I am planning a trip now for next year, and a bed and breakfast stay will be included. Period.



I am not quite sure what this is, because there aren’t any words on my screen, at least in FireFox. But, it’s neat even without words, so I am sharing it. Once you click on the link, move your cursor over the picture to activate it: Timelapse. There are 6 frames. Enjoy!

Football and Chocolate


What a wonderful sport! I’m not talking about that game we play here, but the one they play everywhere else–the one we know as soccer! I was over on a site about the UK and saw some pictures of folks playing, and read a little about the English Premier League. Now, if I were to go check it out in person, I’d need to look for a hotel in London. BUT! The league also plays in other cities, so if I was not able to find anything there, I could also book a Manchester hotel. Or even a hotel in Birmingham, so I could check out Cadbury World, which I think might just qualify for a neat post of it’s own! Or maybe a wee segment over on my travel blog!

North Carolina


I hinted not too long ago that I thought my state was pretty neat. In fact, I have a whole blog about North Carolina. The only thing I don’t like about calling North Carolina home is all the durnfurners (just read it like it sounds, ya’ll). So, I am still recommending this state as a great place to live. In fact, I am even going to suggest you check out the Beaufort NC real estate. Just stay in that area, unless I know you personally, LOL!

Underwater Hotel


I want to send you over to Call Me When You Get There today, to see a video. Jackie has posted a very neat vid of an underwater hotel concept. It’s totally cool! I’d love to stay in a place like this, and I am betting you would too!.

Vacation Rentals


You know how the phone always rings at dinner time? And it’s usually a solicitor?? And sometimes they want to offer you a “free” vacation, and it’s to somewhere you really don’t want to go? Well, here’s your chance to pick up a cheap vacation that actually interests you. SkyAuction offers some good deals on vacations, but they also offer the chance to get really CHEAP vacation rentals, if you are willing to listen to a presentation on time shares. You get to pick the place! No joke!!

They also have auctions. I just saw a couple of Orlando vacation rentals with minimum bids of less than 5 bucks. Hey, if you are going anyway … be smart and try here first!

Leisuretime Promotions

Here’s a nifty idea for vacation travel for those of you in the UK. Leisuretime Promotions works on what they call vacation international points. It’s a membership program with a mission to “to make sure you receive the very best holidays”. Essentially, your membership purchases points, which can be traded for travel accommodations at their resorts. You can roll your points over from year to year, if you can’t/don’t use them for some reason. They have resorts in Asia, Europe, Australia and North America.

You can read member tributes on the site, as well as view video testimonials. I could not find a place on the site to join or any details about the cost, so you’ll have to call if you are interested in doing so.

I Love Inns


There are lots of places online where you can find good deals on hotels. What makes so neat, is that it focuses only on bed and breakfasts and you can search by area, for instance Maine bed and breakfast. I have never stayed on a B&B, but I would love to do so, and plan to one day, just as a treat to myself. I digress. Other top destinations areas include Asheville, NC and Charleston, SC, but you can search by state, and then narrow down your results from there.

The Caribbean


This neat thing is a vacation idea. It’s (past) time to start planning summer getaways, and I can’t think of any place more beautiful than the Caribbean. Why not take a vacation now and enjoy yourself? From awesome views to fun in the sun to nightlife, the islands are sure to please. Go ahead and check into a Caribbean villa rental and give yourself a treat!



Last neat thing for the day, folks. Or at least the last neat thing before my nap–I’m almost asleep here in my chair. Theme park vacations are neat, especially for kids. I’m recommending a vacation home Orlando and multi-park passes for the biggest bang for your vacation bucks. You’ll save money with these kinds of passes, and renting a home instead of a hotel gives lots of amenities, and money saving options. You’ll save a bundle just being able to cook some of your own meals!

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