Three Neat Internet Stores


First, and sure to garner lots of your Christmas spending dollars, a store where you can buy all kinds of gadgets and gizmos as seen on tv. From exercise equipment to hair removal systems, they have it there.

Second, one of my favorite places to spend money all year long, Knit Picks. From wool to cotton to great feeling synthetics, the prices at this yarn store are sure to please your pocketbook.

Third, and not cheap by any means, PastPresent Gallery. So stunning, I gasped with delight, even as I grabbed firm hold of my paypal.

Testing, one, two three


Today’s neat things are the pregnancy tests you can buy at Dollar General for just a dollar. You can use them to let yourself know whether or not you need new maternity clothes, which is a valuable thing to know in and of itself, but is especially pertinent when you are overcome with an incredible need for sleep. I am just old and tired, and my current wardrobe is sufficient. The tests are still neat.



And as if the last post were not enough electronic goodness, check out the Bose home theater. You can hook this up to your new television and get a real thrill. Just two speakers gives you the sound experience you’d normally get from five. I’m not all up on this type of thing, but I am assured that this si good stuff.

HDTV deals

Whoa, I found a goodie! If a new HDTV is on your Christmas shopping list like it is on me, you need to check out this site. SecondAct has some great deals on refurbished, factory closeouts and overstocks, and open box TVs. And if you haven’t made up your mind which TV you are looking for, sign up for the daily deal. They’ll mail you a new sweet offer every day.



Have I mentioned shopping as a neat thing? I can’t remember, but it’s the time of year to mention it again, at any rate. So at the risk of sounding like Santa, don’t forget that you can buy anything from a D&G watch to mac and cheese, and never leave home. And if you are really slick, you can get it all shipped free to boot!

Cool Clothes


Here is a neat idea for young women, but also women my age who have lived with decades of less-than-stylish maternity clothes. Ladies, the era of trendy maternity clothes is here. No longer do we need to be held captive to cute-sy. We can be hip, we can be hawt, we can be pregnant. Check it out!

There are awesome baby duds here, too, designed to make a statement way beyond “awwwwwwww”. I mean, I’m all for “aww” but, “wow, look at that” is pretty neat, too, don’t you think?



4666f6.jpgHere’s a neat thing for moms. And also maybe for dads, who are probably more than over the frilly baby bags of yesteryear. I’m talking about the StorkSak diaper bags that I found at Aren’t hey cool? The neatest thing about these diaper bags is that they don’t look like diaper bags at all. So says the woman who uses a diaper bag for her laptop case, carefully chosen because of all the nifty pockets, and the fact that it looks like a back pack.

Delta Burke Swimwear


Delta Burke has long been a performer I enjoy. I watched her first in Designing Women, and then in anything else I was lucky enough to find her in. In fact, I like all of the DW actresses, but let’s not digress: the topic here is her line of swimwear. I was pleased when I heard about it several years ago, and IMO, the line is great–plenty of coverage, a wide range of styles and fabrics, and just flashy enough to make you feel good. Delta Burke Swimwear is available at Swimsuits for All, where they have……….
wait for it

swimsuits for all. D’uh ya’ll!

Vending Machines

So, maybe you read that title, and you are thinking “what’s so neat about that?” Well, if you are hungry, and there are little snack filled boxes of cruchy yummy goodness sitting nearby, you can get something to eat for just a quarter or two. Happy mouth= neat, right? What if you are feeling a little silly? A quarter will buy you one of those little bouncy balls, so you can chase it. What if your 6 year old challenges you to a bubble blowing contest? See, vending machines are neat!!

You know what’s neater than buying things from vending machines? being the person selling things in vending machines, LOL! It’s an all cash business, and it’s easy-peasy. Check them out at vendstar.


Here’s a neat thing for you sophisticated and stylish readers. I admit I was prepared to laugh and click on away when I visited this site, but instead I am intrigued. They site sells cufflinks, but not just plain ones– these are really neat cufflinks: double decker buses, tarantulas and even Hello Kitty cufflinks for ladies. Check it out, either to buy something, or just for a grin.



What keeps you cooler in summer, warmer in winter, reverses with a switch, usually can hep you read and amuses babies for hours on end? I am talking about lowly ceiling fans. I think every house ought to have at least five, and according to my calculations I owe myself three more. Guess I better get shopping!



Shoppers, here’s a heads up just for you. Fall is coming, and that means OnlineDiscountMart is having a sale to get rid of summer] merchandise. They have some of the cutest stuff! Check out theirwindmills. The one I have shown you is 8 feet tall, ya’ll. Now, if I could just figure out how to make energy from it…..

They have plenty of other neat things there, too, so be sure and poke around.

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