Floor Tiles and other stuff


So, I am still in the throes of planning my kitchen that should have been finished weeks ago, and most likely would have been if I could make up my mind what I want. No, I look at counters and floor tiles and cabinets and start dithering and just won’t settle. Sigh, such is my way. I’m sure it’s very frustrating for those around me, because it frustrates me, too.

Let’s see: bread, potatoes, cheese. Sounds like something I could really love to eat. Check out these Cheddar Potato Knishes. And seriously, BrokeAss Gourmet? Gotta love it!

Muhahahaha! I’m just twisted enough to enjoy this bit of college humor!

Ok, it says watch closely, and be sire you do, because it took me three times before I could see the evidence.

Oh, this is cool. What a great way to say “I love America“!

I think we’d all do well to remember this.

Fat Burners and other stuff

Here’s some help if you are overindulging this holiday season: fat burners. Me, I’m trying not to do that, just on general principle. It’s an exercise in self-discipline, I guess. Nothing tastes as good as thin feels and all that.

Okay, this defies a summation. Just go look: extruding ice.

Wisdom from songsters. Short but good. Just scroll over the blocks to read the lyrics.

Way too scary truth.

Ha! This brings the term alternative music to whole new levels!

Oh, this is neat. Look-alikes compares today’s Hollywood icons to stars of yesteryear. Truly eyeopening–classic beauty is still…well, classic.

Micro Sd and other stuff

You know, I have decided that I have a love/hate relationship with the little micro sd cards. I love that they hold so much data and make mp3 players and cell phones so much more useful. I really dislike that they are so small that when you drop on on dark carpeting it takes forever to find. Seriously, it’s like the new “I lost my contact”.

For Star Wars fans: the secret lives of Stormtroopers.

OhMyWord! This woman is crocheting this rope with her FINGERS to make a giant doily. It’s pretty, too! But a doily that big must certainly be called a rug!

Got a cool picture? Wanna see it huge on your wall? Here’s a tutorial and software to make a large wall poster from a photo. And it’s free! My favorite price!!

I do love a good photograph. You could lose yourself for several hours on photo.net, but start with the Winter Windmill.

In depth explanationals of all the punctuationals. Yep, I just added “al” to words in writing; I do it all the time when I am talking. And, yes, I did use that semi-colon correctly 😉

Plasma mounts and other stuff


So, let’s see what’s going on in the world of internetting tonight. Need a new plasma mount for the TV Santa’s bringing? Start here: plasma mounts.

It’s a little late for Halloween, but here are some cool pumpkin carvings. Of course, some of them are detailed enough that you might need to start the drawings now to get them done for next year.

Here’s a goodie for you Holy Grail seekers– the 20 best Monty Python sketches.

Here is a recipe site that helps you find recipes based on foods to include, foods to exclude and nutrient required. Pretty handy for someone on an allergy diet, I’d think, or someone just wanting to try new foods.

Need a refresher course in Roman numerals? I got one for ya!

Finally, know your tea. Sometimes, it’s good for what ails you.

Medicare supplement insurance and other stuff


You know, it’s been so long since I posted here that I actually had to go back to some old entries to figure out how to title this post. That’s a sad, sad thing! I wonder if that fancy dancy Medicare supplement insurance covers things like time turners so I could buy a few more hours everyday like Hermione. I mean, I have her hair, so why shouldn’t I have a little magic? On with the sites:

Here is a page on Holi, the festival of colors. And it is very, err, colorful.

Ohmygosh, Oreo Turkeys. Totally neat and just in time for……no, wait….couple weeks late for Thanksgiving. Sorry.

Here’s something I would love to learn how to do: Cappuccino Foam Art. Given the amount of coffee I drink and my ongoing love affair with flavors, I can totally see that becoming a hobby for me. How cool would it be to serve guests a piece of art with their cuppa?

Quick read, totally hilarious, and something I could totally see my cop friend doing. Yes, I have one of those.

A series of totally awesome owl photos.