It’s cold here. Last week it was in the 70s. What’s up with that crazy mess? I guess though, provided you have a good coat, it’s never the wrong time to do some pool maintenance. A little draining, a little cleaning, a little installation of pentair pool light. Just so when it *does* get warm again, maybe next week, you are ready.

Laundry list


I have a laundry list of things to do. This blog needs some serious maintenance. I don’t think I have updated the sidebars since 2010. You want to help with that? Because it’s not just this one, it’s this one plus 4 more. Yeah. So I’m putting it out there and I will just sit here and wait for all those blank employment application to roll in. You know you wanna!

What’s on your Christmas list?


It is December you know! What are you thinking about for Christmas? I like to do themes. Last year I did Wii oriented stuff. This year it’s board games. One year I did music. I got the kids assorted musical instruments. No one got a guitar, but there were drums and maracas, and a triangle. I whole percussion section. I did not buy them music lessons, though. I just wanted them to play and learn to love making music. And it worked!