Equestrian Clothing and other stuff


Got a new four footed ride? Maybe you oughta get some new equestrian clothing to dud yourself out in!

Check out this new resource on Shakespeare. Thanks to Cate Newton for pointing it out to me!

Here are some interesting photos that merge yesterday with today. I have an affinity for black and white shots, so I really liked what they did with these.

Some, umm, interesting laws. About sex.

Aerial photography. Man, there are some great shots here!

S’more cookie bars. These look divine. I have to clean the keyboard now!

A Star? Who Me?


Guest post written by Derick Burks

I cannot believe this just happened! I just got back from the Country Music Television Awards! I am shaking right now because I cannot believe it just happened. I need to turn on my satellite tv dvr to see if I can see myself in the program!

Long story short, I won a pair of tickets and a makeover to the Country Music Television Awards. I entered a contest on a local radio station and voila! I was made into an over night celebrity. I actually got to walk the red carpet and sit next to people I hear on the radio and see on TV! I was so in awe that when Kenny Chesney came by me, I almost passed out.

Normally, I love watching the show on TV but, it was such a different experience up close. I felt like I was attending an exclusive party with friends because everyone is so nice. And I must say, Nicole Kidman is super tiny in real life but, even more beautiful. The award show itself was really interesting to see how much time has to be allotted for a live broadcast and commercials.

I had a blast but, I am not sure if I could go to a live show again because I really enjoy watching the CMT awards from the comfort of my own home.