You know, I can totally see how this might be a good idea…but I’d be scared to death to rent any of the knee walkers at You know why? Because I just know I’d manage to hurt myself worse by some sort of bizarre circumstance where the kneewalker sails across the room and I end up on my butt. Because that, boys and girls, is just the sort of thing that happens to me on a regular basis.

Good idea

I have a lot of kids. They have a lot of backpacks. I trip a lot. I wonder if I could solve the problem with a rolling coat rack. The bonus is that I could also use it for its intended purpose, right? Because all those kids also have coats, jackets, and sweaters in the multiple! I wonder what other uses I could find for it!


Today is a day when I wish there were three of me: one to clean, one to do homework, and one to just sit and soak up facebook and literature. So much I need to do and so much I want to do! I guess I need to get cracking on at least part of it. At least I don’t have to worry about cleaning off the stereo stand…..I don’t HAVE a stereo.

So tell me


What kind of music do you like? I’ve been cruising youtube lately, listening to new to me stuff. The singers look way more bizarre than the guys in the 80s hair bands, but other than that, I’m still seeing plenty of Gibson guitars and Taye Drums. So let fly the suggestions, and be random. I like almost anything except screaming!