RC Planes


Here is another neat thing for the young or young at heart: RC airplanes. These kits would make awesome gifts, and Christmas is indeed coming, and quicker than you think! The joy of building would last quite a while and then the flying would last practically forever. Like a kite, only better, cause you don’t have to rely on a breeze.

Rock Tumblers


or, how to make something from nothing. My Papa used to have one of these, and what happens inside one of them is just fascinating to me. I’m talking about rock tumblers, those little machines that just put dull jagged rocks into, and turn for a while and shiny smooth stones come out. It’s amazing, every time, and an easy hobby to get into.

Brooks Institute of Photography


Today’s neat thing is a photo school. Brooks offers several degrees in the photography field, and you can apply online. Go check out the gallery for some great shots! It will surely inspire you. The underwater photography classes look awesome!! It’s a hands-on class with most of the instructional time spent at Santa Barbara Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary

I only wish they had some sort of correspondence program. I just can’t pull up and go to California for several years. Maybe in a couple of decades, eh?

Origami with Money


Check out this Gift Box made with money. This is part of a larger money origami site. The instructions seem easy to follow, so grab a few bills, and head on over to try it for yourself. Most of the items only need one bill, but you’ll need 5 for the spider.

Celtic Hills


Here at SixNeatThings, we love all things Celtic. We like the stories, we like the music, we like the festivals, we just have an affinity for the Celtic. We have even been known to embellish our hand knitted items with Celtic Knots. I was excited to see a site this morning called Celtic Hills. They have a neat collection of Celtic things including many versions of the Celtic cross. Check out the Irish Blessing Cross at the bottom of the page.

My the road rise up to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face, the rains fall soft upon your fields and, until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of His hand

This has always been one of may favorite blessings, and it is today’s neat thing.


Writer’s Resource Center


The Writer’s Resource Center has good information for writers. Whether prose or poetry, fiction or tech or anything in between, there are tips here to improve your craft. Also included are articles on selling your work. Great information here for all aspiring wordsmiths.

Drawings of Leonardo


Here is a collection of the drawings of Leonardo DaVinci. The site also has links to other sites that focus on DaVinci. The thumbnails are linked to larger copies of the drawings, and they are exceptionally clear. A wonderful site to study history, science or art. I have to admit that I was surprised when I clicked on his “Views of a Fetus in the Womb” to see that the great Leonardo had the proportions wrong. Click it and see if you do not agree.



Here is a neat nature craft. This site, Roses from Leaves shows how to make roses from maple leaves, although I suppose any broad leaf would work. They are stunning in the fall colors! And, pretty realistic at first glance. As we say in knitting: no one will notice as they ride by on a galloping horse!



This morning, the neat thing happens to be one of my own blogs. It’s a new project that I am finally ready to release for public consumption. Digi-Cass will chronicle my learning and adventures regarding digital photography. Drop by and learn with me, or teach me a few things.

Extreme Instability


I just spent a bit of time at Extreme Instability. The guy is a storm chaser, so there’s some question in my mind whether “extreme instability” refers to the weather or his mental condition, LOL. I’m going to assume it’s a bit of both. If you go to the yearly pages, you can then click to see huge photos, and they really are amazing. His FAQ covers his equipment and severe weather, including his chasing philosophy.

Now, I don’t think I’ll ever be a storm chaser, but, I find the pictures fascinating. That is to say, I’m glad there are people who do it, but it’s not going on my “one day” list of things to do :)

If his pics were not all copyrighted I’d be putting this one right here to whet your appetite.