Oooh, here’s another neat idea for the trip I am planning: caribbean cruises. That’ something else I have always wanted to do, but haven’t. It won’t be this trip I am planning for next fall, but perhaps the year after that. I’ve already decided I want to do a B&B next year. Unless we spend the night in a B&B right before a short cruise. Hmm, possibilities, possibilities.



What keeps you cooler in summer, warmer in winter, reverses with a switch, usually can hep you read and amuses babies for hours on end? I am talking about lowly ceiling fans. I think every house ought to have at least five, and according to my calculations I owe myself three more. Guess I better get shopping!

Beautiful blinds


If you are ready for new window treatments, you will like this site. Whether you want Roman shades or faux wood blinds, is ready to hook you up. The ordering process is easy, and they have free samples so you can see the colors and quality before you place your final order. Check out the articles in the right sidebar to help you decide which style is right for your rooms.

City Vacations


This is a neat site, just because it’s simple. I like simple. Here’s how you use it to plan your vacation: pick your city, pick your interests, read about the suggested activities. Interest choices run the gamut from Art and Culture to Tours and Excursions with lots of options in between! The layout makes it super easy to find what you want!

At, they are moving and shaking. The site has not been finalized, and there is a note in the corner, and on some of the pages that they are launching a new community this fall, with reviews, articles, and forums. I hope they keep the simple-to-use navigation, because to me, that’s what makes the site so neat.

Kitchen Sprayers


You know what’s neat? Kitchen Sprayers are neat. Just envision it, a perfect stream of water directed precisely where you want it! And do you know how I know this is so neat?? Because mine isn’t working correctly anymore, that’s how. DH looked at them the week, but all he could find were kitchen faucets with sprayers included, and we don’t need all that.


Did I spell that correctly? My spell checker occasionally misses words in the title field. This neat thing is an idea, not something you can touch, but anonymity is a great benefit of the internet. Think about it: if you saw someone purchasing protective underwear, you’d make certain assumptions, wouldn’t you? But today, that kind of stuff can be ordered and one’s privacy can remain intact. That’s cool!

Timber Frame Construction


Have you ever lain on the floor and gazed at a timber ceiling? Me either, because everywhere I go, they close the ceilings in and hide the timbers. But in books, I have seen them, and admired the raw beauty of them, and thought how much I would love to have one. Today, I saw a website for a company that specializes in that type of construction, and ships nationwide. Vermont Timber Works makes all kinds of buildings, from residential to barns and churches. The galleries are stunning, so go check them out, if only for the pictures. I don’t think you will be disappointed.



I love technology. Really. I giggle with glee when I see some of the stuff that is being thought up and manufactured today. I am constantly amazed by the cleverness of some people. (I’m frequently amazed by stupidity as well, but that’s another topic altogether.) VoIP phone systems are one such technological innovation. You use the telephone to talk over your existing internet connection. I’m not even going to pretend I understand it enough to explain it, but I am going to say this is neat. And there’s more! You can often get these phones and the service for less than a traditional phone would cost, because long distance is included.

Mail Order


Yes, mail order. I think mail order is an incredibly neat thing. Think about it, you can have just about anything you want or need delivered right to your door and you never have to leave home. From baby formula at one end of the spectrum to tranquility diapers at the other, and all the wild and wacky things you use in between, your mail box can become a treasure box.



I was at a site today that you may enjoy. It’s a little manly, but what the heck. At, you can get a quote on all sorts of fun vehicles, from dirt bikes to snowmobiles. That not the best part though! You can also watch videos, look at photos and even download free wallpapers! They have forums, too, where you can discuss all manner of things from repair and maintenance to dealers. You can read without registering. There are even for sale listings. If you like motor sports, you will like this site, guaranteed.



You wanna know what’s neat? Trees are neat. They take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen. They provide shade when it’s hot. They give us fruit, and they are pretty. Now, you can get the pretty part from these silk trees, but for the rest, you have to be willing to deal with a little bit of dirt. I am so pleased with the ones we planted in my front yard, and I am looking forward to watching them grow. Cause, ya’ll? It’s h-o-t just now in here.

Necessary Neatness Addiction Treatment

Ok, I have said this before, but it bears repeating. Several times, in fact, because it’s true. When you need addiction treatment, just get it. Do it for yourself, do it for the people in your life, do it for the future you wish to have. Just do it. Like the shoes, yk? Because you are worth it.

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