Big Cats


Amazing. Incredible. Beautiful. Stunning. Captivating. Compelling. All of these words apply to this page of photographs. Go check out Big Cats, and I am sure you will agree. Then check out the rest of the site, there is plenty to see!



You get two pages today, because the original page links out to a related neat page, and how can you separate that? Aw, heck, lets call it a threefer instead. First, read about the Gypsy Horses, and see the wonderful pictures. Then find out about Black Forest Shires and then, read more about them at wikipedia.

P.S. Love me some wikipedia, ya’ll!

Pet Urns


Okay, fine. this neat thing is neat mostly because of the surprise. I had no idea such things existed. I know I say that quite a bit, but I guess I just live a very sheltered life. I’m talking about pet urns. And not just plain old pet urns, either. I am talking about hand crafted, laser engraved pet urns. Who knew?

After all, pets are family members too and deserve such a beautiful pet urns as resting place, where everyone can remember the good times.

Not on my mantel, k?



This may be a pretty controversial neat thing, because I do realize opinions vary, but IMO, zoos are very neat things. I enjoy going to them, and when the exhibits are built with the animals in mind, it is just a great experience. I went to a zoo once that had a primate exhibit that was spectacular! I sat there for quite a long time, watching the monkeys climb trees, and swing on ropes. They reminded me of the gorillas in that old Samsonite commercial. Fun times!

Baby Panda


This is so cute, and sweet, and really you just have to look. It a pictorial detailing the growth of a baby panda. Guaranteed to make you ooh and ahhh, and possibly even send out bulk email.



I found the neatest blog today! MidWestHorse is a blog written by two horse owning mid-western gals. The pictures are wonderful, and the information is great, too. And one if them wants to take a bath alone. She’s a woman after my own heart, LOL!

They have some nice links in the sidebar, too!

Wild Hearts Horse Fund


Hidalgo fans, this one is for you. Do you remember the project he was involved with at teh end of the movie? I think it was something like this Wild Hearts Horse Fund. Now, I invite you to read through this whole site, and not just fall in love with the pictures on the front page. There’s more to the story that first meets the eye, as Ang points out in the comments.

Winners of the I Look Like My Dog Contest


I don’t know that I’d like my claim to fame to be looking like my dog, but these folks don’t seem to mind. I’ve heard (and seen) that folks who have married a long time begin to resemble one another. I wonder if that’s the case here. Winners of the I Look Like My Dog Contest don’t seem to mind if they go to the dogs.

New Species


This blog details “Species Discovered This Millennium, and other Natural Wonders”. The title, …free your imagination…, encourages the mind to consider the possiblities, doesn’t it? How awesome is our Creator that we still find new wonders?? The blog is not updated very frequently, but it is worth subscribing to. Great pictures!