Three bed options


Okay, so recent nights have found me on the couch way too often. If you’ve ever tried to fit two adults and two squirmy kids in one queen bed, this post will certainly resonate with your sleepless self. If you were (ever so slightly) overcrowded in your current sleeping accommodations, would you choose to buy a larger traditional bed, look into platform beds, or just throw some mattresses down on the floor and call it good? Bear in mind that I am not getting any younger before choosing option 3, just because it is probably the easiest and cheapest.

Your Turn


What were your favorite three Christmas presents, and what do you need to go with them? I’ve not received any favorites yet, (except for what I bought myself) but unlike most of you, my Christmas isn’t over. So tell me, did you need a plasma tv lift to go with your gift? What about a set of brushes? What about an extra set of keys? Spill it in the comments.

Three Sites I’ve Visited Today


TerraVox, which is a photoblog that I found in my referrals. Color me jealous and hand me a towel to wipe up the drool before you head on over. You’ll have to scroll down through the ads to get to the pictures, but it’s totally worth it.

The Letter Project, mentioned by my friend Jenn.

A site where they sell diet pills, but I decided to eat another Christmas cookie instead.

Three things to avoid


A different twist today. Instead of telling you what to go look at, I’ll save you sometime and tell you about some things to avoid.

First, speeding. No fun if you get a ticket, possible dangerous, and also, slow down and enjoy the ride. It could be the last trip you’ll ever take.

Second, legal steroids. Legal or not, they’re just bad for you.

Third, margarine. Just go ahead and use the butter. It takes so much better and you need so much less of it that it all evens out in the end calorie wise. Also, you can pronounce all the ingredients, which is a good thing when we’re talking about something that goes in your mouth.

Three Good Horse Movies


And the horse riding apparel is totally optional. Here are three of my favorite movies that revolve around horses.

National Velvet, with Liz Taylor. Hello?? Liz Taylor, without the hype.
Virginia’s Run. Awesome story and beautiful scenery.
Black Beauty. I lack words, but I can tell you I cried. Several times. And then I watched it again.

Girly Things


Three things I have shopped for lately, all more exciting that looking for a used cisco.

I bought samples from Aromaleigh, because Marisa raved about them.

I bought a full mineral makeup kit from e.l.f., because it was $20. Hello, 20 bucks! With brushes.

I bought Rouge from Avon, because it smells so good. Truly. You must have some.

Also, three pairs of shoes, which might become a post of their own. 😛

Three HUH??? Getters


The sites today will make you scratch your head for sure!

First: Mark Jenkin’s Street Installations. I could try to explain this, but, really, just go look.

Second: Creative photos, and they really are. The mastermind behind these photos has got to be a diabolical genius.

Third: Whoa, talk about monster ice, but this is it!

Bonus: a site where you can buy a digital camera battery, so you can take amazing pictures like the ones on the sites above!

Three Hot Investments

But I am only linking one, because you can find them all at the same place. See, one stop investment shopping :)

First up, gold coin, because it’s highly portable, and also shiny (I like shiny). The American Eagle gold coins are especially beautiful, I think. Looking at those, it’s easy to see why gold has been so highly desired throughout the ages. From the artistic delights of Ancient Egypt to the coinage of Ancient Rome, gold has been both treasure and tool. And because supplies are naturally limited, the value has consistently risen.

Also available through Monex: silver and platinum.

Three things that make my mouth water


Soft pretzels. This is an adaptable recipe with several pictures and boy does it look good. In fact, just follow the links and enjoy the whole 52 weeks of baking experience. This girl’s good.

The bacon chocolate chip cookie. Just kill me now because I want to die with this in my mouth.

And, finally Mike’s Amazing Cakes. I can’t vouch for the taste, but they are certainly eye-candy-licious. I promise you have to see this site to believe it.

Three Blogs that Make Me Laugh


Don’t Eat the Sheep This one is written by a good friend of mine, and it’s a new project for her. So far, so great.

Crazy Aunt Purl Crazy southern woman meets yarn, new and improved with cats! Ok, the cats aren’t new, I made than part up. It’s still funny.

Pointless Drivel Not only funny, but also incredibly sick. And I know he’ll love that I said that; he’s proud of it.

Three things to knock ’em dead


So, if you want to dress to impress this Christmas season, let me recommend:

The Cartier watch, because quality matters, and also you need to get her home before her coach becomes a pumpkin.

The Bellisi tie (but not the Christmas ones-ugh) because they are beautiful, luxurious and silk. Also, SILK.

The handknit sock, because nothing feels better, or says “you are special” louder.

Three to Move


Most of us move now and again, and some of us move a lot. Here are three resources to keep in mind to make sure your next move is a smooth one.

Start with a good real estate agent, and make sure you explain clearly what you are looking for in a new home, and what you want to get out of your old one.

A self storage unit to put your the stuff you don’t need right now in.

Professional movers to handle the boxes AND the stress.