Thursday, brilliant title, I know


At the end of the day, and absolutely lovely picture, and I would love to know what kind of lens he used to get the sand and the background.

OOh, a lovely photoblo: Stuck in Customs. I added this one to my Google reader.

Mythology Guide
. This one would be a handy reference for literature students.

Anoter amazing picture, this time of Calm Waters, Bar Harbor, Maine, probably photo-shopped, but lovely anyway.

More photos. Warning: some of these are graphically gross, but the one of e nuns makes it worth scrolling through.

How to build a root cellar. Pretty cool, really.

Umm, Monday


Because even though I have changed the theme TWICE since I got home, I still haven’t come up with a better title system. I suck like that. But I have perseverance. You gotta give me that! On to the links!

A list of books you might want to check into, if you like to read.

Hahaha, not quite sure why this tickles my fancy, so, but it does. Here’s a warning label generator. Should I be nervous because this page made me giggle?

Underwater photography
. From 1938!

Want socialized health care? It’s yours in 5 easy steps.

Not quite sure how they did this, even after the explanation, but it’s pretty cool.

Faces are indeed everywhere.

So, whaddya think?


I love, love, love this theme. I’m just not sure this is the place for it. For that answer, I guess I need to rely on you, right? Ok, then, speak up!

Thursday links


Music from windows noises. Yeah, seriously. Like, a whole song.

This is so cool: art from trash! It’s amazing, and you MUST see it!

For those of you who think Star Wars rocks. Hehehehehehe!

Lowfat chocolate cake? That’s what it says!

Very cute story of a chipmunk rescue, with lots of pictures.

Compelling image. The interesting thing to me is that the model seems neither hot nor cold. Considering where she is, if it is spring through fall, she be laying on what must feel like fire. OTOH, considering what she’s wearing, if it is fall through spring, she must be freezing!



and still no catchy titles. But I haven’t crossed it off my list either. Am I the only person here who has to schedule in time to think? I used to think a lot, and now I do, do, do. And surf the internett looking for cool sites to share!

Like these patio furniture covers. I had no idea people covered thier outdoor furniture. Here in redneck-ville, we call such covers “porches”.

This is amazing. So amazing that I am not giving you the original site, but rather the snopes low-down.

This one is for Beatrix Potter fans: Peter Rabbit.

Bunches of presidential videos here, including Bill Clinton making music. So much sax appeal, he has!

Daylight map. It’s current, as in, now. Use it to avoid annoying your overseas friends and relations with middle of the night phone calls.

Oh, this is neat. Kinda like an origami calendar. I’d make one, but it would last about 30 seconds here.