More for Monday


You will laugh at these. Oh yes, you will! Funny Commercials.

Oooh, a new Seven Wonders of the World list. And this time, it’s by popular acclaim. Sadly, the Patek twenty-4 did not make the list.

Digital Classics. Yep, they really look like books. Lovely!

A Man’s Library. I guess ya’ll need to read different books and stuff. Whatev, dudes.

Make your own kaleidoscope. The picture, I mean, not the toy.

Monday Mayhem

Like good music? Here’re some mellow Celtic Tunes for you! Folk Music of England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales and America.

Huge list of links for writers: dictionaries, style manuals and more.

Back to Ireland, and take a much closer look at William Butler Yeats and his works.

Clockwise or counter-clockwise? Maybe both? See the dancer.

Ha. Hahahhaha. Hahahahahahahahaha. Especially the one that ends with “something you did”.

A steam cleaner to clean your carpets. I know they need it if you visited that last site.

Calling all Foodies


Let’s find some delicious sites this morning, where we can enjoy the food porn, but not have to worry about weight loss pills.

Check out Epicurious for 10 basic recipes everyone ought to know.

The front page of this site is just mouthwatering. Check out Recipe Goldmine and look at that Mandarin Orange Ginger
Cream Puff. Then scroll down for even more goodness!

Here are some international recipes. I love trying food from other places, don’t you?

Potatoes for breakfast? Sure! Here are 32 ways to make them!

Planning a summer shin-dig? Check out these great party recipes.

Quick Tour


I sure hope you enjoy my little internet travel guides as much as I enjoy writing them!

Today’s first stop is a simply incredible tree. Okay, it’s a picture of a tree. But it is still incredible.

Wow. Huge. Moth. Seriously. A seriously huge moth. Dang.

And a quick visit to Suessville to see the Lorax. Oh, go on, get off the bus! You know you want to!

Next, Let’s fly over London for some great aerial shots.

And finally, now that we are back at home, whip up some bath bombs.

Yet more ways to waste time on the www


One of us clearly has too much time on her hands today. Rather than continue to read up on the best anti wrinkle cream, let’s find some other neat things to talk about.

How about learning to play the guitar? Yeah, via blog. Seriously.

Okay, I lack words here for the next site. You just have to see it to believe it.

Also, I admit that I have a strange sense of humor, but those are some very amusing portraits. If it clicks over to an ad, just go back and then click stop.

And timing really is everything.

And it’s probably mean to laugh at other people’s …. weirdnesses, but I am doing it anyway. And I am not alone :)

More ways to waste time on the www

Sure hope you weren’t eating while investigating that never ending picture page in the last post. If you were, you probably need Orovo by now.

Never try to pay for food with a 2 Dollar Bill. Especially at Taco Bell. Weirdos.

It’s all in how you hear it. Realize.

Careful where you put that cursor! This guy also looks vaguely like an old fella of mine.

Go ahead and spend a few minutes listening to some celtic music.

Love sarcasm? Step up and read right here, the Sarcasm Society is waiting for you!

Wastin’ time on the www

Just a few things to look at, guaranteed to be more fun than shopping for HDMI cable.

Do you consider yourself slightly twisted? Then enjoy these clean jokes.

An interesting poll on sin and stupidity. Or sin or stupidity. Or sin versus stupidity. Wow, I usually do a little better with words than this, I think. Sin poll.

Don’t try to get to the end of this page. You don’t have time for that, trust me. But do click over and spend a few minutes looking at some interesting pictures.

Okay. Interesting. Some of the art on this site is disturbing, but the technique is very interesting. Have a look a Mark Ryden’s work.

How many of these first lines do you recognize? Great resource from the American Book Review.

Picture This


Here are a few sites guaranteed to suck up your laptop memory. Click anyway, you’ll be glad you did.

Flickr Light, a collection of photos by Mathew. Some are obviously ‘shooped, but they are all good.

A panoramic view from the Eiffel tower, this is just incredible!

Breathtaking shots of the Northern Lights. I would love to see that in person!

A slideshow from Brent Stirton, photojournalist. Each image tells a story, but all together the effect is…surreal.

And so is this one shot.

Laugh a little

Because a good laugh can clear the mind just like a colon cleanse cleanses a ….. yeah, you know. Still. Consider this post a purgative for your mind!

Ever wondered what you are really worth? Make your own barcode.

Ever wondered just how reading works? Take this reading test.

Programmer or serial killer
? You decide, but I am telling you it is trickier than it looks.

Still believe that people aren’t really stupid? Think again.

A little sign parody to round things out.

Laugh and Fly


A nice collection of cloud pictures, including one of the Aurora Borealis.

What to do when you get laid off? Take a vacation, and here’s why.

And here’s how to get the best deal on the flight you are going to book after reading that last article.

Cat got your tongue? Check out these 100 Most Often Mispronounced Words to get it back.

You will bust a gut here. Seriously. 21 Best Mugshots Evar.

Might need medical insurance for the disk you herniated above. Hope you got your trip in before you clicked!



Here is a piece of delish, straight from the Hershey’s kitchen: Supreme Chocolate Saucepan Brownies. They look positively decadent, don’t they?

And do you eat every day? You might like Everyday Food, the PBS show.

Oooh, hot cheese bread. Finger food, to grip and rip.

Weekend Pancakes–one mixing dish and one frying plan; can’t beat this for a quick clean up.

5 snacks to energize your afternoon. Several good ideas here. Like five. Plus a bonus!

And then there are these top diet pills, for when you over-indulge.

Sunday Afternoon Goodies


Whoa, a collection of sizable holes in the earth. Not for those who are afraid of heights.

Ha. Hahahahaha. Ha! I may disagree with the sentiments but the thought is hilarious! Do you want to delete the Bush administration?

A collection of cool music videos. Be sure to check out the one with the dice.

Traditional Classical Playlist on Nutsie. Nice enough to make me open another tab so this would keep playing.

Oooh, a page of interesting photo(shopped)graphs.

And see, here you thought the internet was being overrun with Anoretix reviews.

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