Here is a great site for those of your who are students of philosophy. You’ll find articles on philosophers from Plato to Nietzsche, and definitions of terms from determinism to logical positivism. No deep links on this one, because it’s all in frames, but it’s a great site, and worth a bit of your time.

And finally, an apology


that would be from me, to you. I’ve been hard pressed for time lately, and it’s been showing up in the writing I do for this blog. I apologize for that, and I’ll try to do better. Just because I accept Blog Advertising doesn’t mean I can be sloppy. In fact, it should mean I work harder to make this blog as neat as it can possibly be. After all, if I’d wanted it to be about boring things, I could have named it that.

Memory Walk

Okay, what good is a blog if you do a bit of shameless self promotion? Of course, it;s even better if you can also plug a great cause at the same time. On the 13th of October I am walking in the The Alzheimer’s Association Memory Walk. I’m also organizing it, and acting as a team captain. You already know what’s coming next, right?

Just go ahead, click the banner and get it over with.

I don’t want enough to finance the latest in gold jewelry; just a few bucks will make me happy.

Every Photo Under the Sun

Okay, maybe that title is a little out there, but…….whoa! I know I said the last thing was he craziest thing I had seen in a while, but now I have seen something slightly more incredible. I seriously am not sure this one is toppable. Check out the never ending photo. You do have to have shockwave to use it, but. whoa. Seriously. Just, whoa! Forget the drink, order a meal delivered.

How in the world did they find all those pics? I think if it were possible to record mortgage life insurance on a memory card, it would be somewhere in that…….picture.

Never Ending Photo Frame

This is the craziest thing I have seen in a while. I really wish I could stop it and study it a while, just to see how it’s done. But I can’t, so check out this never ending photo frame. It brings a whole new meaning to the concept of digital frame. Oh, I hope you remember to get a drink before you click. You’ll be stuck at the computer awhile.


Here’s a neat blog to feed the hedonist in you. Luxist is all about the big, the expensive, the incredibly chic. This is one fun blog, yo! Check out this post on the Green Giant, the coconut sized diamond found earlier this year in South Africa. I wonder how many diamond rings they’ll get from just the “scrap” off of that when they clean it up?

Bible Map

Oh, this one will keep you entertained for a while, and help you learn in the process. At Bible Map, you pick a Bible chapter, and the text appears on the left, and a map on the right. the map is marked with colored “pins” to identify what/who/where is being talked about. Click on the pins for more details!

Hehe, you could maybe use it to plan your next vacation home rental.

Diet Tips


Here is a selection of diet tips to help you stay on a diet:
1. Drink eight (8) oz. glasses of water daily.
2. Keep track of your progress by using a weight loss log.
3. Variety may be the spice of life, but it also can be the downfall of a good diet. Stick to pre-planned healthier foods.
4. Eat smaller meals throughout the day rather then larger meals.
5. Exercise three times/week.
6. Eat slowly, let your appetite catch up with your food intake.
7. If you do break your diet one day, get right back on it.
8. Stay away from starvation diets.
9 . Balanced eating works better in the long run.

I don’t think there are any earth-shatterers here, most of it is pretty standard wight-loss advice. What makes it so neat is that I found it on a site that also sells hydroxycut. I thought it was pretty cool that they aren’t telling people to just take the pills, ykwim?

Live Shows


Recently, I went to see a live show, and it was the first one I’d been to in a very long time. It was so fun! So, once again, I am offering a neat thing that isn’t a website. Go see a show. You don;t need to visit Branson Missouri to do it, either. the are plenty of local venues for shows. Just check your yellow pages.


Let your artist out at Artpad. This digital canvas is lots of fun, and much cheaper than buying new canvases at teh art store. Clean up is a snap, too. And, even if you have just a few minutes to spend, you can still paint. You may find your palette slightly limited, but I think the fun factor totally makes up for that.



I bet I am the last person on the planet to blog about this, but it’s worth mentioning anyway. I’m talking about Google Maps. You can drill right down to an address using these maps! Say you are looking for Orlando real estate. Use Google maps to get a birds eye view of the area you are interested in, like down to the actual house. I just found mine. Not in Florida, you know, but here, where it actually is, of course.

Speaking of Florida real estate, some folks are trying to get a measure on the ballot, and if you are a Florida resident, I’d appreciate it if you click his banner, and sign the petition. You aren’t voting for the measure, only voting to allow people to vote. tip: it’s only a representative democracy as long as we get to be heard.
save our homes


You know what would be really neat? Getting more memory for my laptop. I don’t care if it’s Dell Memory or some other brand. All I care about is that it is DDR2 in a 2gig stick, and I want 2 of them. I’m tired of this computer slowing to a crawl when I want to multi-task. It’s got the processing power and I know it;s just a lack of memory that’s holding me back.

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