Pet Urns


Okay, fine. this neat thing is neat mostly because of the surprise. I had no idea such things existed. I know I say that quite a bit, but I guess I just live a very sheltered life. I’m talking about pet urns. And not just plain old pet urns, either. I am talking about hand crafted, laser engraved pet urns. Who knew?

After all, pets are family members too and deserve such a beautiful pet urns as resting place, where everyone can remember the good times.

Not on my mantel, k?

Build Static Pages


This neat thing is for your internet marketers. It’s called Static Page Builder, and it’s SEO software designed to help you do just that. According to Google’s Webmaster Tools, you should consider building static copies of dynamic pages.

Now, I am not even going to sit here and pretend I understand all of that, and as I mentioned on another blog, I am glad WP takes care of that for me. But not every site can be run on a blogging platform, and if yours is on of those, then Static Page Builder may be just the thing you need. Better search engine marketing = better sales.


Oooh, here’s another neat idea for the trip I am planning: caribbean cruises. That’ something else I have always wanted to do, but haven’t. It won’t be this trip I am planning for next fall, but perhaps the year after that. I’ve already decided I want to do a B&B next year. Unless we spend the night in a B&B right before a short cruise. Hmm, possibilities, possibilities.


This may be a pretty controversial neat thing, because I do realize opinions vary, but IMO, zoos are very neat things. I enjoy going to them, and when the exhibits are built with the animals in mind, it is just a great experience. I went to a zoo once that had a primate exhibit that was spectacular! I sat there for quite a long time, watching the monkeys climb trees, and swing on ropes. They reminded me of the gorillas in that old Samsonite commercial. Fun times!

Get Away

Every time I see pictures of a bed and breakfast, I determine again to go to one. They just look so beautiful, and peaceful and restful and neat. And I have never been to one! Check out this Mendocino bed and breakfast. Tell me who could resist that? Here’s my secret: I am planning a trip now for next year, and a bed and breakfast stay will be included. Period.

Easy Apology

I think my gentlemen readers will be using this site more than my ladies, simply because we ladies are usually perfect, and rarely need to apologize. Because of our general wonderfulness, see. But you fellas may need to apologize, and the easiest way to do that is with a flower delivery. Gals just eat that up. (I know because I am a gal, see?) Vogue Flowers lets you order flowers online, so you don’t even have to get in your car to melt her heart. It’s just too easy!

Need a Job?


The holidays are coming, and you know many retail jobs will be opening. It’s a great time of year for those looking to pick up some extra cash. Of course, there’s also plenty to spend it on, LOL! Here’s a site than can help you find a sales job in your area. RetailFit focuses on exclusively on retail jobs, and you can search by retailer, state or job title. You can apply right online, including uploading your resume!



This neat site is for those of you planning birthday parties. If that’s you, be sure to check out these cool birthday invitations available from IBY. You can personalize them to say whatever you want said and they have a great collection of cards to choose from. And, yes, they have other types of cards as well.


What keeps you cooler in summer, warmer in winter, reverses with a switch, usually can hep you read and amuses babies for hours on end? I am talking about lowly ceiling fans. I think every house ought to have at least five, and according to my calculations I owe myself three more. Guess I better get shopping!

Beautiful blinds


If you are ready for new window treatments, you will like this site. Whether you want Roman shades or faux wood blinds, is ready to hook you up. The ordering process is easy, and they have free samples so you can see the colors and quality before you place your final order. Check out the articles in the right sidebar to help you decide which style is right for your rooms.

Mythologically Speaking

If you are into mythology, or just need to look something up, do yourself a favor, and check out THEOI GREEK MYTHOLOGY. This site contains information about the heroes, gods, creatures and spirits in classical art and literature. Check out the statue of Atlas on the front page, and then explore at your leisure. This is a fine use of internet real estate.

Web Conferencing


This neat thing will last a bit longer than some of the other neat things I tell you about. Ok, longer than most of the neat things I tell you about. Such is the nature of the blogging beast: I get to blog as long as I want about anything I want, and you get to read it. Or not. And therein really lies the crux of the matter, doesn’t it? But, now I have rambled and I really need to get to the subject at hand which is web conferencing.

What a fantastic way to relay information. I tell you, I have been on the internet for about 10 years. It was my husband who first pushed me to check it out, and I resisted, but the longer I am on it, the more I realize it’s potential for education, information exchange and entertainment. If more businesses could harness the potential of the internet, from web seminars that teach consumers about their products to web conferences where regional reps make plans for meeting goals……..

I mean—-there was a lot of hype over the iPhone recently. But, here’s the deal—-I still don’t know how to use a cell phone. The iPhone is a cool gadget, but way beyond my expertise. What if Apple made a webinar about the iPhone, that taught me all about it, in an in-depth way? And what if it was indexed, so I could fast forward to the parts I was most interested in? And what if they took that opportunity to show me that I just couldn’t live without one? This is the kind of potential I am talking about. Cheap. Effective. Useful.

If I could just show you the picture in my head…

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