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Recently, I went to see a live show, and it was the first one I’d been to in a very long time. It was so fun! So, once again, I am offering a neat thing that isn’t a website. Go see a show. You don;t need to visit Branson Missouri to do it, either. the are plenty of local venues for shows. Just check your yellow pages.

Talk to me


Today’s neat thing is friendship, and how this time we live in has redefined that word. Modern telecommunications equipment makes it possible to have friends that we have never seen. For instance, my most of my friends live hundreds of miles away, and yet I speak to them more often than I do my next door neighbor. Especially as more and more people are isolated for whatever reason (fear, insecurities, weird work schedules), telecom equipment is becoming the fencepost of yesteryear.

So tell me, do you have more IRL friends or more internet friends?

Old Commercials and TV


That’s kind of a weird title, isn’t it? But there are certain things we see on that just become part of our collective mental history, our American culture as it were, and I think that’s neat. For example what if I said vegameatavitamin? You said Lucy, didn’t you? What about gorilla on a suitcase? Yep, Samsonite. So what are some of your favorite American Icons?



Move over fellas, this site is for the girls. HerFabLife is a new site that’s going places. Here you’ll find the 411 on the latest restaurants, salons and retail store openings in your area. Registration is quick and free, and once you register on the site, you can tip them off to new things, too. You don’t have to register to if you only want to read the site.

The site is in beta, but so far it is thoroughly enjoyable. Everything on the site is tailored to women, and if you want to know the latest trends, this is the place to visit. From fashion advice to hot guys you will find it here.



You’ll find some great quotes at Individualism. And once you get through reading those, check out the menu on the left sidebar. If you like quotes as much as I do, plan to stay awhile. better yet, go back repeatedly, because it’s too much to absorb in one sitting!



This site is not in English, but it does have videos of ballets. DANZA TV – Danza classica e balletto will give you the opportunity to see scenes from several different ballets, including a couple with the great Nureyev. You can also view other forms of dance such as modern jazz and tap, but it is the magical ballet that keeps me coming back.

Ballerina Gallery


This collection of ballerina photos is a tribute to great ballerinas.The Ballerina Gallery – Ballet Photos includes dancing greats from Eleonora Abbagnato to Svetlana Zakharova with biographical info accompanying each dancer’s photos. The site’s owner has also published pictures of some of his memorabilia.

Photos of Greece


Here is a site with many photos. So many in fact, that I almost put it on my photography blog. Because the site also includes a good amount of information about the culture, people, flora and fauna, I have elected to put it here instead. Whether you just want eye-candy, or want to learn something about Greece, this is a neat place to start.

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Celtic Hills


Here at SixNeatThings, we love all things Celtic. We like the stories, we like the music, we like the festivals, we just have an affinity for the Celtic. We have even been known to embellish our hand knitted items with Celtic Knots. I was excited to see a site this morning called Celtic Hills. They have a neat collection of Celtic things including many versions of the Celtic cross. Check out the Irish Blessing Cross at the bottom of the page.

My the road rise up to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face, the rains fall soft upon your fields and, until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of His hand

This has always been one of may favorite blessings, and it is today’s neat thing.




Ever wonder how models get so beautiful? This is a timelapse videos of a Dove soap model. On it, you see how they take a rather plain looking woman and through make-up and computerized photo editing turn her into someone drop-dead gorgeous. It’s a real eye-opener. The Dove commercial should be mandatory viewing for your preteens and teens.

Trivial Things


Another fairly quick history read today. Human World is a collection of tidbits about the famous, and infamous, focusing on politics, religion and military. Lots of fun facts here. Click on “contents” in the upper left corner to get to other pages. All are worh a read.

Belisi Fashions


Today’s spotlight is a bit different than you are used to from me. Instead of just spotlighting a site, I’m spotlighting an idea.

I like to know when I am spending money that I am doing more than lining the pockets of the big guy, and Belisi Fashions gives people a chance to contribute to a good cause. Now Belisi is a designer, and specifically a high fashion designer of ties, scarves and hand-bags. and every time you purchase a Belisi product, you put the finishing touch on a put-together look, while fighting poverty, protecting the environment, seeking justice and funding medical research.

That’s right, Belisi gives back. That’s a concept I can get behind, even if his clothing is a bit out of my personal reach.

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