Motorhome repairs and other stuff


So, yeah, I do sorta have a little camper thingie. And, yeah, it’s absolutely broken. Yeah, I plan to do some motorhome repairs to render it useable. And then I will be able to haul enough stuff to stay out in the woods for more than just a long weekend. How sweet will that be?

Oh snap! If you want a real blast from the past, no matter how long ago your “back in the day” refers to, visit The Time Machine. Rock on, ya’ll.

Crazy didn’t start yesterday. And there are some explanations that just won’t be coming. Look anyway, it’s just weird.

What are all those different spices good for anyway?

Ooh, here are some neat drawing and photography mixes.

And another look at the brave new world that didn’t come to pass. Yet.

Sweaters and other stuff


Just in case it is actually fall where you live, check out these sweaters.

I’m not looking at sweaters quite yet, but I am reading a lot about biking.

And also hiking.

And camping.

Because this girl wants to get off her fanny and do stuff.

I’m also shopping for rain gear because it is the rainy season here. And by that, I mean over 12 inches in the past 36 hours. Dang, that’s wet.

Better check out the life jackets, too! Just in case the house doesn’t float, ykwim?

Rebecca Minkoff handbags and other stuff


Hey, girlie girls, take a look at these Rebecca Minkoff handbags. Could you carry one of those for a while?

True love comes in all shapes and sizes, I guess.

Did they really say that? Yep, all your favorite lefty crazies, lined up one by one. I’m sure there’s an equally absurd list of righty quotes somewhere.

Absolutely LOVE what vlingo does for my phone!

Homemade chicken nuggets. Seriously, does it get any better than chicken nuggets.

Awwww, this is so stinkin’ cute!

Kohler kitchen sinks and other stuff


Need a new sink? I sure do, because my faucet is worn out and leaking. This time, I want one of those high faucet Kohler kitchen sinks so I can get my big posts under there. And also the coffee pot if the dishes get a little backed up.

ROFL!! Never say people aren’t crazy.

Umm, cheese. And bread. Bread with cheese. OMGoodness, let’s go to the kitchen right now!!

This is just an eye-opener. It shows some transformations movie stars have made for different roles they’ve played, but the more subtle lesson for me was about how much of a changeling we all are.


ROFL! A.A. Milne as diagnostic psychologist!