Yeah, another boring title. Sorry. I’ll figure out something to do about that eventually. I guess I could name each post for the first link that appears. Today that would be mover NYC, but I am just not sure I want to do that. K, adding titles for things to my to do list.

Snicker. Snicker. Snicker.

Check out this Noah’s Ark Replica.

Strange friends. Too cute!

Pictures of beautiful beaches. The last one is my fave.

Awesome new search engine, searchme. The link shows a search for “ballet”



Hello, hello! And how are you today? Can you believe it is the end of August? The year has just flown by, hasn’t it? Soon it will be time to order Christmas invitations and break out the mittens. I do believe we are actually going to have a fall here this year!!

Take a look at theses funny animal signs. A giggle a day keeps arthritis away! Or something like that.

Oh my goodness. This is just too cute! Guess that’s why the site is called “cute pictures”.

Like Oldies? Try these Fabulous 50s songs.

Like music in general? Check out RadioBeta. You can hear radio broadcasts from all over the worls, and search by location or genre.

Check some places other people have been. Just do it.

Good Friday Morning


It’s Friday. Yay! I like Fridays. Well, mostly. And have I mentioned I want a new laptop? I am sure I have, but I am going to keep repeating it until one appears on my desk. I want a laptop. Not more laptop memory this time, but a whole new beast. On to the sites:

A great soaker pattern. Probably the best soaker pattern out there. Also the easiest soaker pattern. It’s a multiple gauge soaker pattern. It’s the HSY soaker pattern, renamed and available once more. Thank you for allowing me these moments of shameless self promotion.

The Tuesday Edition


Welcome to another tour of the internet, where I am increasingly considering going to some sort of theme for each post. I;m just having a hard time coming up with titles, and for some reason I think that would help. I have no idea why. Must be the Mac memory.

Hahahhahaha: Hamlet on Facebook.

Another online music site.

Laughing at a ticket.

A valid point. Beer is cheaper than gas.

Before and After.

The purse blog


That what this blog is, you know. It’s like one of those magical carpet bags that hold everything, except the farmhouse sinks. Like, Mary Poppins, remember? Ok, that said, let’s get on with it.

How to’s for a slew of crafty stuff.

Instructions for crocheting safety cones.

An article I stumbled upon about Irena Sendlerowa. It was written by a friend of mine. I love it when that happens.

Ooh, learn bird songs. Like, from real birds! That one happens to be the house wren.

And the International Children’s Digital Library.

Monday Mayhem


Lots of good stuff today. Ok, if by lots you expect six, then lots.

Check out Aveeno skin care products. I didn’t buy all the hype, but I’m using their cleanser now, and maybe, just maybe, there might be something about the soy.

See what older people look like on the inside. I was so tired last night when I found this photo, but I’d had an awesome day and inside I was dancing. It resonated.

Oh, snap. Am I ever glad I don’t work in an office with other people. People who found this list of tech pranks before I did.

Proof that cats don’t care, which has been my belief for 2 decades, at least.

Hahah, according to Dr. Phil’s Quiz, Josh was right, and I really am Mary Poppins. I scored a 50!

Want to learn Gaelic? Me, too!

Hee- larious, if I say so myself


A few weeks ago, I received some freshwater pearls, and this morning, I shot a video about them. Actually, I shot two. The other one was in color, and I referenced June Cleaver. Unfortunately, I used the webcam and did not capture the sound. Sometimes I kill myself with my technical savvy, yk?

Anyway, here I am:



Should I come up with some kind of themes, do you think? Fun or not fun? As much fun as a Slingbox? No, I didn’t think so. Because, let’s face it, being aboe to watch tv anywhere is kinda spectacular, isn’t it? Yeah, I can’t compete with that. But I can sure try!

Some good lessons to learn.

Game enthusiasts, click here: Super Mario Brothers Afghan

Oooh, beginner jewelry making instructions.

Hahaha, some people just don’t quite get the metaphor. Or maybe they really do.

All about medieval castles.

Monday List


You know the fun part about driving this computer around the internet? I don’t need a GPS to navigate. And when I get lost, I just use up time, not gas.

Spend some time learning unnecessary knowledge today.

A list of forty places to find free ebooks. For college students or anyone else who might like to read.

And a place to find free knitting patterns.

Online scrapbooks. No seriously. Go look!

Super Spy-O-Matic. Check your own name first!