Necessary Neatness Gold Coin


Now that you’ve found a lower rate interest card, and learned how to avoid debt traps, it might be time to consider investing. Precious metals are hot right now, and I don;t mean just because it’s summer, either, LOL! Buying gold has been recognized for centuries as one of the best ways to preserve one’s wealth and purchasing power and today, gold coins can help balance and diversify your investment portfolio. Whether you choose the $50 American eagle gold coins or other denominations, make sure you find a dealer with competitive precious metals prices. You know the drill: buy low, sell high.

Debt Information

If you are thinking about bad credit debt consolidation, this site will be of interest to you. You’ll find the usual ads and loan offers, but you’ll also find helpful articles on avoiding a debt crisis in the first place, and some on what to do if you find yourself already in a dilemma. I firmly believe forewarned is forearmed, and I think anybody who is even thinking about using credit ought to educate themselves about it’s pitfalls before they wind up in a mess. Getting into debt is quite easy, but this site offers you information that could help you to get out of debt, and that’s a wee bit harder to do.

Necessary Neatness Car Insurance

Getting cheap car insurance doesn’t have to mean giving up on quality. Insurance Doctor says they believe in getting their customers the quality auto insurance they deserve at prices that are reasonable. They help residents in Virginia e and North Carolina find better rates on the same quality car insurance they were getting before. Why not fill out their quote form and see why Insurance Doctor is quickly becoming where Virginia and North Carolina get their auto insurance.

Neat Blog

I want to give a shout out to Kelly who blogs at That’s what she said. She uses quite a few of the popular memes, and it really gave me a sense of who she was when I visited her blog. Perhaps I am just a geek who likes to store away trivia, but it was neat to me.

Necessary Neatness Credit Card

Trying to find a decent credit card can be a pain in the rear and this neat thing can help solve that problem. It’s a credit card search engine, and it will allow you to search for, compare, and apply for credit cards with different perks (frequent flyer miles, low interest rates, etc) or for different situation (bad credit, secured, etc). The results contain US based companies whose names you will recognize, and brands you are familiar with. Whether you are in a credit bind, or just want a specific feature, this search engine can help. I think I want with one with a pink camouflage design, and a very high limit, LOL!

Vacation Rentals


You know how the phone always rings at dinner time? And it’s usually a solicitor?? And sometimes they want to offer you a “free” vacation, and it’s to somewhere you really don’t want to go? Well, here’s your chance to pick up a cheap vacation that actually interests you. SkyAuction offers some good deals on vacations, but they also offer the chance to get really CHEAP vacation rentals, if you are willing to listen to a presentation on time shares. You get to pick the place! No joke!!

They also have auctions. I just saw a couple of Orlando vacation rentals with minimum bids of less than 5 bucks. Hey, if you are going anyway … be smart and try here first!


This is a neat site for readers. That’s you, right? You can find the books alphabetically by title or click on an author name to see the the available books. There are also biographies and link to sites they recommend, for further information. Bibliomania: Free Online Literature will thrill the bibliophile in you! It’s also a partial answer to my summer reading dilemma.


Appliance shopping just got easier! When I last shopped for an appliance, I had to go to the websites of the stores we had in the area, and look at each one separately to see which ones they had, and if they met my requirements, and if I could afford them. If I needed an appliance today, I’d have it easier. Say you want to look at Frigidaire Dishwashers (this is what I was shopping for), and you want to pick it up locally. As you can see if you hit that link and enter your zipcode, a list of stores that have the appliance instock is displayed, along with the selling price. It will even pop up a little map for you, in case you don’t know where the store is located. They call that “actionable local search results for the ready-to-buy consumer”. Neat, huh?

Leisuretime Promotions

Here’s a nifty idea for vacation travel for those of you in the UK. Leisuretime Promotions works on what they call vacation international points. It’s a membership program with a mission to “to make sure you receive the very best holidays”. Essentially, your membership purchases points, which can be traded for travel accommodations at their resorts. You can roll your points over from year to year, if you can’t/don’t use them for some reason. They have resorts in Asia, Europe, Australia and North America.

You can read member tributes on the site, as well as view video testimonials. I could not find a place on the site to join or any details about the cost, so you’ll have to call if you are interested in doing so.

Apogee Search

I know it may seem strange to find an SEO Company here on Six Neat Things, but bear with me a minute. As you know, I love to learn new things, and Apogee Search deserves a mention on this blog because their website is a treasure trove of information. They have a glossary that explains all the SEO terms, as well as a blog discussing current SEO information in words even I understand. Be sure and check out their recent post on the AdWords Placement Report.

Maybe I’m Ready

So, I posted yesterday that I was going though my drafts here, and it was slowing me down a bit on my posting. I finally sat down and just finished the job today. I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to get back in to the swing of things now. Thanks for your patience. And, hey, now that my stack of drafts is more manageable, I’m taking recommendations for sites that ought to be featured here. No credit cards, please.

Where are the neat things, Cass?


I know I use to post to this blog much more frequently, and I’m well aware that six in no longer a number that bears any relation at all to this site.There’s a reason. I started this blog to hold the neat sites I found that didn’t find on my other blogs. But, then I got some other blogs, and while I still have sites in draft, I am finding that many of them fit on other blogs, or are no longer existent, or, or, or. I am wading through them, and whittling them down, and that’s why I haven’t been posting so much here. I will get back in to the swing of this. I promise. But you can help me. Send me a cool juggling site, cause that’s really what I feel like I’m doing just about now.

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