Wrinkle Creams and other stuff


Got wrinkles? Quit frowning! Or try these wrinkle creams. Both will help.

Dang. That’s talent. I want the wheelbarrow and the shovel. Yes, SRSLY. Because they are the pretty.

Puppy chow, the kind for people. Great Christmas treat!

Hahahaha, this could be my life. Not kidding!

Haha again. Never mistype your question at Answers.com. Never mind, go ahead. It will give the rest of us something to laugh about later. Like, for a long time and everything.

Oooh, nice instructions for saving a bad photo.

Digital TV Antennas and other stuff

Go watch some tv shows with these digital tv antennas. Come back when you’re done.

This is absolutely mellow. I’ve been listening all morning. Totally slick.

Reader? You need bookmarks.

Sculptures on beaches. Not exactly fun ones. What were people thinking?

So not flying. Period. The end. Train, boat, car. No planes.

Love me some coupons!

Steel Buildings and other stuff

Here’s what I need to hold all my extra stuff: steel buildings. A nice solution for the material goods obsessed and possessed Barbie who lives in all of us.

Haha, love this. Crockett Johnson is the BOMB.

Oh, dang. A new look at the rise and fall of everything.

This is a page of creative lunch ideas for kids, but since I also brown bag it these days…..I like creative lunches, too!

Wonder what kind of lens he shot this with?

How Twilight works, for the rest of us.


So, really, how many of you have ever found yourself needing detox treatment? I’ve never even considered it. Drugs and alcohol just aren’t my thing, I’m not interested in giving up smoking quite yet, and they don’t have a solution to music, addiction, thrill addiction, or facebook addiction. At least not that I know of. Besides, I’m not quite ready to give up music, thrills or facebook, either. Though I might cut back on facebook a bit. What’s your addiction? Do they have a program for it? And are you interested?

Bearings and other stuff

Today, I am shopping. I am shopping without money and I am not looking for bearings. I am fake shopping for hard drives and guns. For me, ya’ll. Not for a boy. Muhahahaha.

This is just cute. Obviously fake, but cute nonetheless.

Hahahaha. So right. NSFW.

Must quit looking at guns and pay attention to stuff like this.

Yummm, 10 dinner salads. Maybe better in summer, but still.

Some baby animals. No, I mean really baby. Like, embryonic. Fascinating!

Life insurance and other stuff


Got it? Get it? Good! life insurance

Well, at least I now know what he meant when he called me a porcupine.

I’m going to David’s Chamber, muhahahahahahaha!

Want to feel small? Like, really small and like your problems really aren’t that big at all? This is a problem. Not being able to afford a new car is an inconvenience. Let’s get it right.

Ok, now for a laugh. After that last, we need one.

Tell him/her he/she is gorgeous.

Security cameras and depression

Ever wonder what happens when you aren’t there? Invest in security cameras and find out!

Yeah, people, it’s out there. And in here. And in more places than you think.

And yes, it affects your physical health.

And how to beat it without drugs.

And some triggers.

And I am stopping there, because after that last set, you ought to be busy for quite a while!

Women’s rain boots and other stuff

Grey and rainy where you are? Try these women’s rain boots. Get a cute pair to make you smile.

Oh, this is good. Really, really good.

Oh, for dang. Breakfast, anyone?

Awww, so cute. In a wildly wolf-y sort of way.

Looks like paradise to me!

Did people dress like this? Really? And after photography was main stream? Hilarious!