March TwentyTwo 2008


Okay, gather your travel supplies, it’s time for another neat trip around the internet!

Need an audio search engine? Mp3gle to the rescue!

A look at the Arrow of Time. Wow. Evocative.

Ever wondered how a Magic 8 Ball works?

A striped icebeg? Yes, and check out more pictures while you are there.

Do you know what a whale sounds like?

Then and Now
. Do scroll down to the bottom, to compare the stats for farms and military.

Good Friday 2008


If my stock in trade is cool stuff on the internet, do I need a commodity brokers‘ license? Is laughter a marketable commodity?

A few days ago, I linked you to a place where you can publish a cookbook. Well, here’s a place where you can publish your poetry.

Quotes, randomly or by author or by topic.

There are a couple ways to look at this next one. You can be serious or joking. I suppose you could be a little of both, such as when I thought it was funny until I realized I had a problem with line EF. It’s an interesting take on combining the 7 deadly sins.

How to Remember What You Read.

Enjoy the Science of Cooking, because anytime you can combine eating and learning, it’s a good thing!

A photogallery. In German. But you don’t have to read German to enjoy it. Galerie, when read phonetically, still says gallery.



Listen to free audio books. There is some great classic literature here!

Look at amazingly awesome photographs.

Edit your own good-but-could-be-better shots with the Free Online Picture Editor.

Watch some religious videos.

Read Dave Barry’s Pearls of Wisdom. Some of them are actually good, and by good, I don’t just mean funny.

Make a list of ways to avoid needing Orovo detox, a collection of distractions, if you will. Oh wait. I just did that.

Totally unfocused


Today you get a random collection of neat sites from a gal who cruises the internet way too much.

Tastebook, where you can create a personal cookbook filled with only recipes you like.

Dirty Car Art, and make no mistake this is art, painstakingly drawn, but also dust in the wind. Must see.

When Insults Had Class. This site reminds me of some of Ashleigh Brilliants work, but without the pictures.

Planet eBook, where the books actually look like books!

When I grow up, I may want to work at Google. Possibly. If I can get over my pique. Scroll past the ads.

I have nine blogs in my “Morning Coffee” links. I just added Process Recess today, which is the blog that belongs with this picture.

Historically Speaking


King Padibastet’s Tomb–a virtual museum. Yes, seriously.

American Rhetoric
This is a portal to some of America’s greatest orations. Let’s just note for the record that all of them were made before drug rehabilitation became a pressing national concern.

Bill of Rights
It’s not in the best interest of politicians to remember these, so take a few minutes to read them over. Hehe, at least you’ll know it when you get shafted.

Petra: Lost City of Stone | American Museum of Natural History
Another virtual exhibit, wonderful photographs!

Maps of War
This is an incredibly short, incredibly informative, incredibly essential glimpse at the history of the middle east. It takes just 90 short seconds, but it will give you a broad understanding of the region.

Some Musical Satisfaction


These sites are sure to bring back a memory or two. Nope, not a link to that song, just me being punny.

Traveling Wilburys. Because, hello? Tom Petty plus Roy Orbison. Duh!

If you enjoy folk music, I invite you to explore the official website of Woody Guthrie. You’ll find a bio here, lyrics, and an online catalog. What you won’t find are sound clips, and frankly, that disappoints me.

This site is dedicated to the proliferation and preservation of America’s Great Blues. Streaming Blues offers MPEG-4 audio streams for your listening pleasure. Enjoy!

Welcome to the Mutopia Project … a place where music is free for everyone! Download it, print it out, and share it. Mutopia is similar in spirit to Project Gutenberg, but consists of free sheet music.

Micheal Jackson


We break from our new-normal routine to bring you a page that makes me giggle every time I see it. I remember when Michael Jackson was a young black boy with a voice like an angel. I’ve watched him become a bizarre white woman over the years, and the transformation has amazed and appalled me. Now you can take a peek at the many, many faces of Micheal, too. It’s a quick read, and good for a chuckle. You simply cannot tell me this man has not taken too many energy pills for his own good.

Some More Good Movies


Happy Feet: this phrase became part of out family lexicon.

Steel Magnolias: “I’d rather have 3 minutes of wonderful than a whole lifetime of nothing special.”

One Last Dance: The dance scenes are really the star of this movie, and the tension between Neimi and Swayze is mesmerizing.

Cinderella III: fun for the whole family. I laughed out loud watching it.

Bourne Ultimatum: We added “off the roof” to our dictionaries with this one.

No links, because I’m lazy. Only five, because I am on the fly. But go to Blockbuster and get one or two of these or your next family night.

Helpful tip: if your significant other is a tv hog like mine, your lcd monitor can be pressed into service as a movie watching gizmo-thingee.

March Three 2008


Simply beautiful: lenticular clouds. Seriously, go see. I’ll wait.

A place where you can get something back for participating in market research.

Hahahaha, a fairy-tale generator.

Oooh, Dynamic Optical Illusions. Standard coffee warning applies!

Oh, this is great. Can I please, please, PLEASE!!!! have one of these redneck mansions?

Everything you ever wanted to know about owls. And lots of stuff you didn’t even know you didn’t know!

Or you could go by air


Go to wikipedia, pick a destination and then get the scoop on some cheap flights. Pack your bags, making sure you are following the current TSA guidelines, and take off. Spend a few days playing tourist, buying trinkets, and eating regional cuisine. (Make sure you pack sweatpant for the return trip if you come here.) Take lots of pictures of everythig, and then write a blog about it so you can share your adventures with all of us!

My Resignation as an Adult

How many mornings have you woken up already tired of it all? Try this: My Resignation as an Adult.

Now, make sure you have adequate car insurance, look at gas prices, fill up anyway and hit the road. Travel the Great American Highway, or see it all East to West. You, too, can be a Thelma or Louise. Only, you know, the fun parts, not the sad or illegal parts.